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Navigating Your Hospital Visit 101

Take Charge of Your Care
From speaking up and managing pain to preventing falls and reducing complications, this special guide will help you get the best results from your hospital stay.

Prevent Hospital Infections
Take steps to reduce your risk of getting an infection during your hospital stay.

Using Antibiotics Safely
These medicines can be live-saving, but not using them correctly can harm your body. Take steps to improve how they work.

Post-Procedure Recovery
Take the next steps to feeling better for a smooth, successful recovery.

Your Privacy Matters
Know the rights you have over your health information and where to go to file a complaint.

Advance Care Plans
A simple and smart way to take charge of your care if you can't speak for yourself.

For the Caregiver
Some helpful tips to be an effective support person for your loved one during and after the hospital stay.

Before You Leave the Hospital
A successful recovery after your stay starts with a solid plan before you're discharged from the hospital.

Treatment After Discharge
Tips to keeping your health on track after you leave the hospital.

After-Hospital Care
A quick guide to understanding recovery and care options after you leave the hospital.

Understanding Your Bill
Confused by the hospital billing process? Here are some terms and tips to help.

Spotlight on Health: Heart Attack and Stroke
Learn to recognize the signs of these medical emergencies so you can get help quickly.

Spotlight on Health: Stop Smoking
Quitting this unhealthy habit can help with healing and reduce your chances of returning to the hospital.

Spotlight on Health: Type 2 Diabetes
Manage your blood sugar effectively during your hospital stay with these tips.

Spotlight on Health: Adult Vaccines
Are you due for your next round of vaccines? Find out with this helpful guide.

Spotlight on Health: Opioid Medicines
Understand how these medicines work, and learn the risks and tips for safe use.

Spotlight on Health: Depression
Depression happens for different reasons, but it is treatable. Learn more about the signs here.

Medicine Tracker
Keep track of any new medicines you're prescribed—plus any others you already take—with this tool.

Navigating a Diagnosis
A new diagnosis can be overwhelming. Follow these five steps to get you started in the right direction.

Palliative Care
Improve your quality of life—learn how palliative care can help you feel better at any stage in your condition.

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