Engagement to Outcomes

For more than 25 years, PatientPoint has been the leader and innovator of patient and physician engagement solutions at the point of care. PatientPoint award-winning health information drives meaningful outcomes for patients, providers and sponsors. From primary care to specialty practices, from urgent care clinics to hospitals, PatientPoint programs provide an integrated patient-engagement experience across care settings.

Our Mission

To provide integrated patient engagement solutions surrounding
key points of care to help healthcare professionals improve health outcomes, efficiency and patient satisfaction.

Our Mission

We Specialize in Patient Education
at the Point of Care

PatientPoint specializes in point-of-care education by custom-making content to meet the unique needs of patients in the physician’s office or hospital. This content has been recognized for the last 12 years by the National Health Information Awards for excellence in consumer-facing health information. This seal of quality helps healthcare professionals recognize exemplary patient education that is easy-to-understand, visually compelling and actionable.

Health Information Awards Winner
For 2015, PatientPoint was once again the top total award winner with 55 awards—including 1 Gold, 5 Silvers and 14 Bronze awards.
What our customers are saying

“We use three PatientPoint® programs and we’re very happy with all of them. The exam room brochures are very informative and help our patients understand their diagnoses and better handle their long-term health issues. Our patients enjoy the health information on our waiting room screen, and many of them say it helps them get motivated to change their lifestyle. Our PatientPoint Access screen is a great resource for all our staff. It keeps us up-to-date on the latest medical news and gives us tips on how to handle our practice.

Plus PatientPoint’s customer service is the best!”

Medical Center on the Gulf, Florida