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Posts by PatientPoint

Provider Perspectives: A Conversation with Dr. Gary LeRoy

Dr. Gary LeRoy

Each day our team has the honor of interacting with the heroic doctors, nurses and numerous other clinical and administrative staff that are stopping at nothing to keep us healthy and safe. We recently had the opportunity to sit down with our healthcare provider partner and PatientPoint Design Team member Dr. Gary LeRoy, a family…

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Making Every Doctor-Patient Engagement Better—Now More Than Ever

Our mantra of making every doctor-patient engagement better® has never been more important. While there are many unknowns during this unprecedented time, here’s what we know remains true: Patients—no matter their condition—still need education, reassurance and treatment information. Patients managing ongoing and/or serious health conditions must continue routine care and treatment. Our heroic healthcare providers…

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3 Reasons Why Your Practice Should Cut the Cord on Cable

Dr. Martin Fogel of Prima CARE P.C.

If you have cable TV in your waiting room, you are missing an opportunity to ease patient anxiety—and improve the patient experience. For Dr. Martin Fogle, Chief Medical Officer of Prima CARE, P.C., the waiting room sets the tone for the entire patient visit. When patients are anxious and stressed, patient satisfaction can suffer. Here…

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