Bill Jennings

Bill Jennings Chief Digital Officer

As Chief Digital Officer, Bill oversees all PatientPoint digital, mobile and programmatic video solutions, with the goal of extending doctor-patient engagement beyond the four walls of the physician office or hospital. Bill also plays a critical role in managing and automating PatientPoint Digital Solutions for physician offices, hospitals and local healthcare brands including search-engine marketing, online listing management and website optimization.

Bill is well known in the digital health industry for launching PageScience, a platform that enabled the pharmaceutical industry to utilize programmatic media across millions of contextual pages of online health content. Prior to his time as Founder and CEO of PageScience, Bill served in executive leadership positions at social media platform Vitrue (now part of Oracle), video ad network Lightningcast and A&E TV Networks.

Bill earned his bachelor’s degree in psychology from Ohio Wesleyan University and MBA from Northeastern University.