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Perspectives That Are on Point

Point-of-Care Perspectives from PatientPoint

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Pharma Brands: Are You an Uber or a Taxi?

“Don’t get Ubered” is a common phrase uttered in the tech world today. It’s referencing companies who don’t (or won’t)...

Meet Our Team: Melissa Waters

Elementary school in Tokyo. Middle school in Westchester, New York. High school in London. College in Boston. And a post-graduation...

All Points Lead to the Patient

It’s no secret that digital technology has changed the way patients approach healthcare. By the time patients visit your practice,...

Why Point of Care Is Critical to Your Marketing Strategy

Broad reach used to be the ultimate goal for pharma marketers. Given the changing landscape, however, new tactics are required....

Point of Care Puts Pharma Brand Marketing in the Right Focus

Linda Ruschau, PatientPoint chief client officer, isn’t a photographer. But she is an expert in aperture. In photography, aperture refers...

Do You Know How Accurate Your Online Listing Is?

What do people see when they Google your practice or facility? Is your information correct in important healthcare directories such...

PatientPoint Views: Linda Ruschau on 2017 Healthcare Marketing Trends

Everyone with a career in healthcare can agree on one constant—our industry is constantly changing! The 2017 MM&M/Guidemark Healthcare Marketers...

Meet Our Team: Jeff Martini

Jeff Martini understands the value of a good relationship. For starters, there’s the relationship with his brother Chris, who serves...

7 Healthy Heart Tips to Share with Your Patients

February is American Heart Month. Here are seven tips for a healthy heart from the American Heart Association for you...

Meet Our Team: Craig McDonald

Craig was first attracted to PatientPoint by the company’s understanding of the healthcare market, where it was going and what...

Think Outside the Cubicle

The past few months have been a busy time at PatientPoint. We launched a physician-facing mobile app, acquired a company...

Our New CEO Infuses Innovative Spirit

PatientPoint is pleased to welcome back entrepreneur Mike Collette as our CEO. Mike founded PatientPoint and served as CEO until...

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