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The PatientPoint Standard of Service

Wes Staggs

Over the last few months, PatientPoint has had the honor of working closely with our nearly 80,000 unique healthcare provider customers to protect the health of Americans against COVID-19. We must now work together to create a new normal where staff and patient safety continues to be a priority as we enter a new phase of…

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The Real Impact of COVID-19 on Patient Traffic

While there are still new cases of COVID-19 daily, Americans’ health cannot wait, and the data indicates that patients are returning to the doctor’s office. Picture yourself sitting in a large circle (likely in a driveway or front yard). Chairs are grouped by households providing the appropriate distance between families. The conversation struggles not to…

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Provider Perspectives: A Conversation with Dr. Gary LeRoy

Dr. Gary LeRoy

Each day our team has the honor of interacting with the heroic doctors, nurses and numerous other clinical and administrative staff that are stopping at nothing to keep us healthy and safe. We recently had the opportunity to sit down with our healthcare provider partner and PatientPoint Design Team member Dr. Gary LeRoy, a family…

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Making Every Doctor-Patient Engagement Better—Now More Than Ever

Our mantra of making every doctor-patient engagement better® has never been more important. While there are many unknowns during this unprecedented time, here’s what we know remains true: Patients—no matter their condition—still need education, reassurance and treatment information. Patients managing ongoing and/or serious health conditions must continue routine care and treatment. Our heroic healthcare providers…

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An Update on our PatientPoint Coronavirus Response

PatientPoint logo

Together, we are navigating uncharted waters. Our hearts go out to those affected by the coronavirus outbreak, whether directly or indirectly. We also send our sincerest thanks and well wishes to the heroic healthcare providers, medical and administrative staff and facilities personnel around the world who are fighting this battle head-on to save lives—all while…

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Guest Post: Running My Heart Out in 2020

Christina Herrera

Know Diabetes by Heart™ is a collaborative initiative of the American Heart Association and the American Diabetes Association. The initiative aims to raise awareness and understanding of the link between diabetes and cardiovascular disease, to empower people to better manage their risk and to support healthcare providers in educating and engaging patients with type 2…

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Taking Engagement Technology to the Point of Patient

Text says "Q and A with David Guthrie: Taking Engagement Technology to the Point of Patient" with a photo of David Guthrie

One of my favorite things about PatientPoint is that we’re always finding innovative ways to improve patient engagement. Leading the charge on the technology side is David Guthrie, Chief Product Officer at PatientPoint and one of the most interesting and best hires we’ve ever had. David is dedicated to developing meaningful, technology-enabled solutions designed to…

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Impacting the Opioid Epidemic at the Point of Care

A middle-aged female physician pauses to look at a PatientPoint Access screen in a corridor in a physician office.

I know the pain of losing a loved one to opioid addiction. My family continues to grieve the loss of an incredible young man who, after an awful car accident, began a decade-long battle against addiction to his prescribed painkillers. Three years ago, he lost that battle. Countless other families have experienced similar losses due…

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Seeing the Care Journey Through the Patient’s Eyes

Seeing the Care Journey Through the Patient's Eyes

At PatientPoint, we’re always looking for ways to take our approach to messaging patients to the next level. Having heard professional patient advocate Dr. Grace Cordovano speak at several conferences, I knew she could give us valuable insights from inside the care experience. Grace is an award-winning, board-certified patient advocate (BCPA) who specializes in fostering…

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How Point of Care Complements Other Healthcare Marketing Tactics

How POC Complements Other Healthcare Marketing Tactics

I recently sat down with Charlie Greenberg, a respected healthcare industry veteran and an expert in point-of-care (POC) marketing, to discuss current trends in healthcare marketing. It’s a topic Charlie knows well, having worked for more than 30 years in the industry with giants like Saatchi & Saatchi, Wyeth, and Merck. Charlie currently serves as…

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