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Without POC, You’re Missing the Point (of Script)

“What’s the ultimate call to action?” This question was raised in a recent meeting, and I thought it a good one to discuss since we’re in the midst of planning season. Many would say the answer depends on the brand’s end goal. For pharma marketers, however, I say the ultimate action that brands need to…

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Check the Pulse of Your Heart Health Marketing

Every 42 seconds, someone in the US has a heart attack. Each minute, someone dies from a heart disease-related event.1 Even though heart disease remains the leading cause of death in the US, many adults are uninformed of the causes, symptoms and proper treatment of heart-related conditions. In fact, according to PatientPoint research, over half…

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Meet Our Team: Scott McLauchlan

Scott McLauchlan, senior vice president of client solutions, is a connector. From focusing on medical device sales to digital health media partnerships, Scott has spent more than 22 years connecting doctors and brands with products and solutions with a common aim: helping patients. Scott’s most recent focus in healthcare was at Everyday Health, a digital…

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Meet Our Team: Eric Talbot

Eric Talbot, senior vice president of client solutions, sees data as healthcare’s new North Star. And it’s only just begun to guide marketers to strategic solutions. “While we’ve been collecting data for some time in healthcare, we are just beginning to unlock its potential,” Eric says. “When we uncover actionable insights from data to drive…

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Meet Our Team: Keith Mangas

For Keith Mangas, senior vice president, client solutions, joining PatientPoint is like coming home, as he’s returning for a second act at the company after seven years away. While this may not seem like long, to Keith it feels like decades in healthcare time. “Healthcare looks very different than it did just a few years…

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Meet Our Team: Elissa Guerra

Healthcare isn’t just a career, it’s a passion for Elissa Guerra, senior vice president, client solutions. And she’s on a continued quest to make healthcare better. Elissa knows what makes her clients tick. She comes to PatientPoint steeped in all aspects of life sciences marketing, including direct-to-patient, direct-to-healthcare professional, field sales, electronic health record integration…

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The Right Time and Right Place for Print

By Linda Ruschau, Chief Client Officer As patient centricity continues to become the industry priority, the need to get the right information to the right patients at the right time in the right format is more important than ever—especially for pharma. Our recent white paper touched on the disconnect patients feel with pharma companies. Today,…

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The Right Moment to Take Your Brand to the Man

In light of the upcoming Men’s Health Month in June, I thought it relevant to talk about one of the biggest challenges pharma marketers have come to PatientPoint for help with: how to engage men and get them talking about their health. While George Clooney has always been my ideal target, for pharma brands, the…

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Meet Our Team: Rex Daisey

Rex Daisey lives and breathes data. As Vice President of Analytics & Insights, Rex is passionate about using data to solve problems. He knows a robust point-of-care program means nothing without meaningful ROI that can be measured and guaranteed. But facts and figures are just the tip of the iceberg for Rex and his team.…

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