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95% of Physicians Benefit from Patient Engagement Technology. Do You?

Doctor and patient with tablet

Take a look around your exam room. How old are the health information posters hanging on the walls? Do your anatomical models even have all the pieces?

Outdated information and old equipment could make you seem behind the times—which, in turn, could impact your ability to engage your patients.

Recently, PatientPoint® partnered with the Digital Health Coalition to survey 206 physicians about their attitudes and behaviors regarding emerging patient engagement technology. 95% responded that they use engagement technology in their offices.

They said the devices and services they use help improve doctor-patient conversations, aiding patient retention of important health information after the visit.

Responding physicians told us current technology modernizes their facility, from the waiting and exam rooms to the back office. And we learned what advancements physicians hope to capitalize on in the near future. (Hint: Hey, Alexa!)

Check out the infographic below for some key findings from the report and download the Physicians’ Perspectives: Patient Engagement Technology eBook to get the full results.

patient engagement technology survey results infographic