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The Gold Standard in Patient Education

Atrial fibrillation and stroke education video

At the end of the day, each one of us is a patient. So when it comes to crafting patient education, we are all our own target audience. This fact makes my team of writers, editors, designers, artists and digital developers tick: We can all reach inside of our own experiences and strive to create content that makes every doctor-patient engagement better.

While we are all patients, we also know that no two patient experiences are alike.

For this reason, we take a highly customized approach to each piece of content we produce. This means:

  • Creating the most relevant, specialty-specific information available–with input from practicing physicians­–to ensure that our messages resonate for patients and caregivers.
  • Creating content that’s appropriate for the spaces where it will be shown. Think about how different a waiting room, an exam room and a hospital “feel,” then compare that with the vastly different experience of searching for information on a mobile device from the comfort of home.

At the heart of each piece, we want to help patients aspire to a realistic vision of health through actionable information they can understand, remember and apply in their daily lives. And to do that, we have to get the timing, mood, location, disease-state and medium just right.

While we’re exceptionally proud of what we do here at PatientPoint, our content recently received important recognition from the National Health Information Awards (NHIA), the preeminent annual awards for consumer health programs and materials, further validating impact.

Of note, PatientPoint took home the most awards­­ of any other organization—74 in all—­for our print education and waiting room video segments. Our competition included world-renowned academic medical centers, national patient advocacy organizations and trusted health insurers.

  • Our Rheumatology Exam Room Program earned a Gold for its easy-to-understand brochures and assessment tools.
  • Six Silver honors went to our Pediatric and Primary Care Exam Room Programs as well as four of our waiting room videos on colonoscopy, breastfeeding, portion control and the link between atrial fibrillation and stroke.
  • 28 Bronze honors went to 18 of our print brochures, nine videos and our Gastroenterology Exam Room Program.
  • 39 of our content pieces received Merit recognition.

We’re proud that, over the past 13 years of entering this competition, our point-of-care programs have been recognized by the NHIA with a grand total of 505 awards. Another point of pride: this is the sixth consecutive year in which PatientPoint has received the most total honors.

As the point-of-care pioneer, we’ll never waver from our commitment to offering our provider partners superior-quality education that powers more effective doctor-patient engagements during critical touchpoints of care.

Kate Merz

About Kate Merz

Kate Merz oversees PatientPoint creative teams across three cities: Cincinnati, Nashville and Little Rock. As Executive Vice President, Content and Creative, Kate ensures the most relevant, engaging health content for patients and providers is developed. Under her leadership, PatientPoint has earned the recognition of the most-awarded point-of-care provider for exceptional content.