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Guest Post: How This Non-Profit Extends Its Message with Point of Care

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Anyone who has faced cancer knows that the dashboard of your life changes instantly upon diagnosis. Feelings of sadness, anger, fear and confusion flood both patients and caregivers—leaving them overwhelmed and many times at a loss for where to turn.

Imerman Angels understands the complexities of navigating a cancer diagnosis and has the expertise to make customized peer-to-peer matches between cancer fighters, survivors and caregivers, so that they are supported in the way they need. We built our organization on the principle that one-on-one psychosocial support plays a critical role helping navigate their cancer journey, and our service can match any type of cancer, at any age and stage, anywhere in the world. This is important because while some people can sympathize with someone’s journey with cancer, many people want to speak with someone just like them who has been there. On a daily basis, Imerman Angels is honored to offer this high-level of free support.

Despite the demand for our services, we sometimes hear, “I only wish that I had heard about you earlier.” This demonstrates the need for awareness campaigns that highlight our mission and reach patients and caregivers sooner.

Point-of-care platforms are a solution for reaching those in need at just the right place and time. These platforms create immediate awareness and ensure that Imerman Angels’ free services are front-and-center for patients and caregivers at the most critical of times, helping them feel less isolated.

Point-of-care technology in doctors’ offices, hospitals, infusion rooms and cancer centers gives patients and caregivers access to information in a user-friendly and non-invasive format. These messages can foster a patient’s discussion with their healthcare providers and bolster the importance of psychosocial support within the clinical setting. Caregivers, whose need for support can go unseen, are also exposed to the services Imerman Angels provides for them as well.

Because of strategic awareness campaigns, such as those offered through point-of-care services, we have made over 40,000 connections to date. We have also scaled the breadth of our services, matching over 137 cancer types in all 50 states and in 91 countries. Using point of care helps Imerman Angels reach the growing number of cancer patients, survivors and caregivers around the world, so that no one has to face cancer alone.

Isabel Andrews

About Isabel Andrews

Isabel Andrews is the Senior Director of Development at Imerman Angels, the leading one-on-one cancer support community. Isabel is a seasoned executive who boasts two decades of experience building capacity for non-profits. She firmly believes in the power of collaboration among nonprofits, corporations, foundations and citizens to ensure that no one should have to face cancer alone.