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How to Succeed in POC

It’s an exciting time to be in the space I’ve come to know and love: point of care (POC)!  According to a recent ZS whitepaper, POC marketing will account for approximately 15% of pharma’s DTC spend by 2020. This year alone, 35% of pharma brand marketers expect to increase their POC marketing spend.

As more pharma brands realize the power of POC, PatientPoint is ready to help clients capitalize on the demonstrable value this marketing channel brings.

Is POC right for your brand? When considering which platforms might work best, keep these tips in mind to help ensure your efforts are successful:

Remember Where Your Message Is Being Delivered

You already know that placement and timing are critical to the effectiveness of your messaging. POC gives you an instant advantage over other marketing tactics by placing your brand at the center of doctor-patient conversations. But displaying a generic brand message won’t deliver maximum results. Think about the patients’ mindset and make sure the information you are providing is relevant to each specific touchpoint during her visit and beyond.

  • Waiting room: 63% of patients say waiting is the most stressful part of a doctor’s visit.1 Engage them via mobile or digital screens with relevant information specific to their condition or share relatable testimonials and patient success stories.
  • Exam room: While patients anxiously await their doctor’s arrival (for an average of 15 minutes2), give them tools that will drive action and enhance their doctor discussion—think testimonials, mechanism-of-action videos, savings and support information and more in-depth treatment information.
  • After the visit: POC features new digital and mobile technologies that enable brands to connect with patients outside the office. These extended education opportunities can help maintain your brand’s sense of connection with patients and increase adherence rates and results.

Understand the Impact

POC is one of the most highly measurable platforms available, giving you clear insight into how your message changed doctors’ prescription-writing behaviors and how much revenue was generated as a result.

Your POC partner should be willing and ready to provide any information you need to feel good about your investment. We’d love to help you! One of the most enjoyable parts of my role is applying the years of learning and experience to optimize creative for the POC space.

Choose Your POC Partner Wisely

Trust and transparency are a hot topic in the digital media and POC spaces today, and for good reason. You need to know you’re partnering with a company who has your best interest at heart and who has the experience to know how to get you the return you desire.

At PatientPoint, maintaining trust with our sponsor partners and healthcare providers is our ultimate focus. Our auditing and validation standards lead the industry to guarantee POC is an effective part of your marketing plan.

Learn more about how we’ve been building successful relationships—and results—for over 30 years.

1Sequence survey, “Most Stressful Part of Doctor’s Visit: Survey Says—the Wait”
2The American Journal of Managed Care study, 2014

Linda Ruschau

About Linda Ruschau

Linda Ruschau is part of the PatientPoint founding team, bringing 25 years of experience in pharmaceutical marketing and point-of-care expertise to the company. As Chief Client Officer, Linda leads a national sales team in helping brands impact patient-physician dialogue, drive patient engagement and create sustainable success for forward-thinking pharma, OTC and CPG clients.