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Linda Ruschau Wins PM360 ELITE Sales MVP Award

Linda Ruschau, Chief Client Officer, recently won PM360’s ELITE Sales MVP Award. The ELITE (Exceptional • Leaders • Innovators • Transformers • Entrepreneurs) Awards are given to 100 individuals and marketing teams who have made a significant impact on the healthcare industry throughout their careers.

A Passion for Point of Care

Linda is a highly sought-after strategist, trailblazing entrepreneur, and passionate industry advocate—and with good reason. As one of the original PatientPoint entrepreneurs, Linda helped shape the company as well as the point-of-care industry as an important healthcare communication channel. Her mission to get the right message to the right patients at the exact right time has helped both entities evolve into vital resources for healthcare brands.

As Chief Client Officer, Linda leads the PatientPoint national client sales team, growing the company revenue YoY by more than 30%. Delivering an expert level of service that focuses on a consultative approach and in-depth analytics, she’s maintained long-term, trusted relationships with clients. As a result, PatientPoint has achieved a phenomenal 93% client retention rate and 97% overall satisfaction among clients.

Linda’s focus is always on achieving the greatest impact for brands, patients, and physicians alike. Seeing beyond the traditional advertising metric of clicks per thousand (CPM), Linda counsels her clients to strategically think about patients’ needs and how to engage them across all points of care. She leads clients to focus more on the relevancy of the message and engagement, which leads to strong NRx lift and increased volume. With this guidance, PatientPoint clients experience an NRx lift of +12% and a 5:1 average ROI.

An example of her counsel: Linda saw an opportunity for a client to leverage in-office placements for a more targeted reach and greater results than it was experiencing with magazine advertisements. Helping the client fine-tune its messaging to drive patient-physician discussions and impact decision-making resulted in the brand seeing a 20% increase in NRx lift after implementing her advice.

Recently celebrating her 25th anniversary on the PatientPoint team, Linda’s work as a sales leader has helped PatientPoint grow from five employees to nearly 400 employees today. She is a role model and mentor to hundreds of industry professionals, ranging from PatientPoint employees to agency representatives and pharmaceutical brand marketers. She truly carries a passion for the point-of-care industry—and she’s doing it for the greater good.

This post was originally published by PM360.