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Do You Know How Accurate Your Online Listing Is?

What do people see when they Google your practice or facility? Is your information correct in important healthcare directories such as Vitals? Are you listed everywhere patients are searching?

These are important questions that all healthcare organizations should be asking themselves.

Why? Because based on recent research, there’s a good chance that the information people are finding about you online isn’t fully accurate. An analysis of more than 15,000 facility and physician online directory and search engine listings found:

That’s right—nearly one-third of all facilities and practitioners lack any local listings, and close to half of all healthcare listings are inaccurate!

Inaccurate information risks compromising the quality of your patients’ experience before they even reach your doors. And with most people (80%) now searching online for health information, that’s one risk you can’t take.

Take a Deep Breath, We’ve Got This Covered

We know trying to find and fix all the information about you online can be overwhelming.

That’s why we’ve launched PatientPoint Locate, a service that can help you maintain your online listings quickly and easily. With PatientPoint Locate you can:
– Instantly update location information in over 70 online directories, apps and maps
– Track prominent online reviews from patients and caregivers
– Showcase your service offerings and boost your presence online
Ensuring your location information is correct and consistent across the web not only helps increase your search engine visibility, getting you in front of more prospective patients, but it also helps improve the patient experience from the moment someone starts his or her healthcare journey.

Ready to check the accuracy of your online listing now? Use our free scanning tool to see how your organization appears in a variety of directories.