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Meet Our Team: Elissa Guerra

Healthcare isn’t just a career, it’s a passion for Elissa Guerra, senior vice president, client solutions. And she’s on a continued quest to make healthcare better.

Elissa knows what makes her clients tick. She comes to PatientPoint steeped in all aspects of life sciences marketing, including direct-to-patient, direct-to-healthcare professional, field sales, electronic health record integration and practice management. Through her wealth of experiences, Elissa has developed a keen interest in data across channels and how it has shaped the pharmaceutical industry.

“I’ve enjoyed helping some of the biggest names in the industry determine how they will collect, house and interpret data,” Elissa says. “One of the reasons I joined PatientPoint is the focus on aligning content with data in support of our mantra to improve every patient-provider engagement. We have the best content in the industry that drives results, which allows me to assure my clients they’re aligning with a trusted partner.”

Elissa’s passion comes not only from her professional experience, but also from her experience caring for both of her parents during hard-fought battles with cancer.

“I am committed to helping the industry do everything it can to help educate patients and caregivers,” she says. “We have a responsibility to make sure that patients and caregivers have information that both informs and comforts—and that they know this information is there to help them talk to their provider.”

Elissa, who lives in northern New Jersey with her husband Clint and 4-year-old son Max, isn’t afraid to do things outside of her comfort zone. She’s been pursuing big dreams since a young age (including a notable stint as a professional ballerina with the Pennsylvania Ballet) and doesn’t plan on sitting on the sidelines any time soon. She’s an aspiring skier and recently took up surfing!

“After I had my son I pledged to myself that I would try new things, and I’ve found that I’m more energized and less inhibited,” Elissa says. “I also want to show my son that ‘growing up’ doesn’t mean stopping. In fact, I’m just getting started.”