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Meet Our Team: Jeff Martini

Jeff Martini understands the value of a good relationship.

For starters, there’s the relationship with his brother Chris, who serves as the president of hospital solutions at PatientPoint.

“We’re brothers, we’re buddies. We have a great relationship,” Jeff says. “When Chris asked me to join PatientPoint, I trusted his passion for the company and the work PatientPoint was doing to improve health education.”

Since joining PatientPoint in 2013, Jeff has helped thousands of physicians develop better relationships with their patients.

“We deliver world-class education and improve patient satisfaction for physicians and hospitals,” Jeff says. “What I love about our solutions is that we help physicians and hospitals enhance their relationships with patients at every point in the healthcare journey—before, during and after a visit.”

It’s clear Jeff has a passion for the healthcare industry. For more than 20 years, he has led sales and business development teams for companies including Bristol-Myers Squibb, Apgrid Inc. and Healthlink Dimensions, LLC. And as someone who values relationships, it should come as no surprise that Jeff’s proudest accomplishment at PatientPoint is building a cohesive team with people who care for and help one another.

Away from the office, Jeff has established relationships with the Del Mar Little League (where he’s entering his fourth year as president) and the Challenged Athletes Foundation, where he fundraises to help athletes get back in the game (whether it be a wheelchair for basketball or a prosthetic for running).

As for how this East Coast native ended up in San Diego, would you believe it was because of a relationship?

“I moved to San Diego in 1996 because of a girl,” Jeff explains. “She’s my wife of 17 years now and we have two wonderful children, so I’d say it worked out.”