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Meet Our Team: Melissa Waters

Elementary school in Tokyo. Middle school in Westchester, New York. High school in London. College in Boston. And a post-graduation backpacking trek across the globe.

Through all the different places she’s lived and visited, the one thing that stands out to Melissa Waters, vice president, client solutions, is how similar we are as humans.

“At the end of the day, we’re just people who want the same things in life,” Melissa says. “We all want our families to be happy, healthy and have food on the table.”

Melissa believes her role at PatientPoint, in its own way, is advancing health and happiness for the world.

“I love that each and every day the work I do helps someone learn something about their health—and how to improve it,” Melissa says. “While many of us are in sales roles with PatientPoint, our goal is never just to get the sale. It’s about how we can help clients, physicians and patients improve health education.”

Melissa credits her unique client service perspective to years in traditional pharma public relations at Earle Palmer Brown and Cohn & Wolfe. She has a strong understanding of what her clients are trying to achieve and a targeted approach for how they can reach patients at key moments in the healthcare journey. This approach led to one of Melissa’s greatest successes at PatientPoint—helping a client become the #1 pediatrician recommended cough syrup.

In her spare time, Melissa still loves to travel, but jokes lately her “trips” consist of carpooling her two sons to their various activities. When she’s not playing the role of chauffeur, Melissa enjoys taking her family and dog to the nearby beach. With a self-described “insatiable wanderlust,” Melissa lists an African safari and seeing the Northern Lights as two items on her travel bucket list.

Regardless of where her travels take her next, Melissa is confident she’ll enjoy the people she meets.

“While we may look different or sound different, at the core, most of us are all really good people who are just trying to live a good life,” Melissa says.