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Meet Our Team: Scott McLauchlan

Scott McLauchlan, senior vice president of client solutions, is a connector. From focusing on medical device sales to digital health media partnerships, Scott has spent more than 22 years connecting doctors and brands with products and solutions with a common aim: helping patients.

Scott’s most recent focus in healthcare was at Everyday Health, a digital health media company that provides actionable health and wellness information to both patients and providers. He soon became fascinated by the power of digital media to connect healthcare brands with patients and providers in unprecedented ways throughout the healthcare journey. And Scott is excited to now focus on point of care–the ultimate healthcare connector–at PatientPoint.

“With increasing patient involvement, healthcare is becoming more and more of a team sport,” Scott says. “I’m passionate about point of care since it really seizes this opportunity, zeroing in on doctor-patient discussions to improve outcomes.”

These discussions are just the starting point, Scott maintains, as point of care expands to include all doctor-patient communication. And at PatientPoint, Scott will focus on helping connect brands to new and existing products that augment communication at important touchpoints.

“Care doesn’t stop when a patient leaves the office, so neither should point-of-care marketing,” Scott says. “There’s so much exciting work in progress to facilitate meaningful doctor-patient connections beyond the four walls of the physician’s office.”

After 20 years in Chicago, Scott and his family traded wind and snow for nature and music in Nashville. While Scott and his wife and two children live in the Music City, Scott will work with Midwest and Chicago-based PatientPoint clients. To unplug from his professional connecting, Scott enjoys connecting with nature through biking, swimming and hiking. He also enjoys live music and enjoys attending the annual Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival a few hours away in Manchester, Tennessee.