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Meet Our Team: Traver Hutchins

As one of the trailblazers of the point-of-care industry, Traver Hutchins brings proven leadership and unparalleled experience to his role as Chief Growth Officer. In this position, Traver works with CEO Mike Collette and the senior leadership team to develop a long-term growth plan and product roadmap for PatientPoint while also spearheading the company’s mergers and acquisitions efforts.

Traver joined PatientPoint with an impressive history of successful entrepreneurship. In 1994, he founded Remedy Health Media (originally called MediZine), and set into motion many of the practices that have become hallmarks of the industry, such as the grouping of condition-specific consumer health education with targeted sponsor messaging. Like PatientPoint, Traver embraced the notion that the best educational programs can definitively move market share and deliver confirmed product lift.

In 2011, Traver returned to his startup roots and built an urgent care chain from concept to reality. In just five months, he was able to deliver four centers with a team of 40 healthcare professionals.

At PatientPoint, Traver is leveraging his unique and deep understanding of all constituents—patients, providers and sponsors—to identify and execute on opportunities in the ever-expanding point-of-care space. “The patient path is not just brick and mortar anymore,” he says. “Point of care is really anywhere you’re having a relationship with your provider and healthcare system.”

Traver has also been on his own health journey, having been diagnosed with the blood cancer multiple myeloma in 2008. Through significant medical advances along with his own positive outlook, Traver is not only managing his condition but thriving. This experience has both strengthened his resolve to cherish every moment and reinforced his belief in the power of PatientPoint to positively impact people’s lives.

Traver sees his role as Chief Growth Officer as a direct extension of his experience as both an industry innovator and a patient. “I really feel I embody what this company is all about, not only from a career path, but also personally,” he says. “I’m empowered by that and excited every day to really play a role in creating value for our partners and enriching the patient experience.”