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PatientPoint Most Awarded Organization at Annual National Health Information Awards for Fourth Consecutive Year

February 10, 2016

CINCINNATI — February 10, 2016 — PatientPoint®, the trusted leader in patient education and engagement at the point of care, announced today that it was once again the most awarded organization at the National Health Information Awards (NHIA) program for the fourth year in a row.

NHIA awards recognize organizations that create high-quality, effective educational materials that are easy to understand, credible and actionable for patients and healthcare providers.

The award-winning PatientPoint education and engagement solutions include customized articles, brochures, video and interactive digital content available in physician offices and hospitals. With a total of 55 NHIA awards—the most for any company or publication—PatientPoint again demonstrated its position as the industry's undisputed leader in health education at the point of care.

"We believe what we do improves people's lives every day, so we hold ourselves to the highest standard of excellence," said Tom McGuinness, chief executive officer, PatientPoint. “This recognition reinforces that our 25-year legacy of innovation continues to deliver meaningful outcomes for patients, their healthcare providers and our sponsors."

PatientPoint received one Gold Award, five Silver Awards, 14 Bronze Awards and 35 Merit Awards (full listing can be found below). This year, entries were submitted by a wide variety of leading organizations in the consumer health field, including the American Heart Association, Mayo Clinic, March of Dimes and Parents magazine. Over the past 11 years, PatientPoint has been recognized by the NHIA with a total of 379 awards.

The NHIA program — the most comprehensive competition of its kind — is organized by Health Information Resource CenterSM, a national clearinghouse for consumer health information programs and materials, and sets the standard for the industry's educational collateral.

PatientPoint 2015 NHIA Awards:

"Before You Leave the Hospital" Hospital Patient Guide (Article)

PatientPoint Educate—Pediatric Exam Room Education Display Program (Total Program)
Understanding HIV: An Anatomical Illustration Guide (Miscellaneous)
PatientPoint Educate—Gastroenterology Exam Room Education Display Program (Total Program)
PatientPoint Educate—Rheumatology Exam Room Education Display Program (Total Program)
Preventing Allergies (Brochure)

Soothing Your Child's Cold and Cough (Waiting Room Educational Segment)
What In The World? Guess the Answer: Banana (Waiting Room Educational Segment)
Preventing Shingles Brochure and Poster (Total Program)
"Spotlight on Health: Type 2 Diabetes" Hospital Patient Guide (Article)
How to Give Hands-Only CPR (Waiting Room Educational Segment)
Health Resource Guide: Boston (Complete Guide)
Help Prevent Back Pain (Waiting Room Educational Segment)
Managing Your Pain with Cognitive Behavior Therapy (Waiting Room Educational Segment)
Symptom Assessment Guide (Brochure)
PatientPoint Communicate—OB/GYN Waiting Room Digital Screens Program (Total Program)
Ankylosing Spondylitis (Brochure)
HPV Vaccine Recommendations (Waiting Room Educational Segment)
Preteen Health in Boys (Brochure)
Spanish Type 2 Diabetes Brochure & Poster (Total Program)

Life-Threatening Allergies (Brochure)
"Spotlight on Health: Stop Smoking" Hospital Patient Guide (Article)
Hepatitis C (Brochure)
Stretching and Arthritis (Waiting Room Educational Segment)
Tummy Troubles (Brochure)
PatientPoint Communicate—Cardiology Waiting Room Digital Screens Program (Total Program)
Severe Allergic Reaction Tips (Waiting Room Educational Segment)
When Should You Choose Organic? (Waiting Room Educational Segment)
Bedwetting (Brochure)
The ABCs of Hand Arthritis (Waiting Room Educational Segment)
Psoriatic Arthritis (Brochure)
HPV Vaccine and Your Child (Brochure)
Understanding Your Thyroid (Waiting Room Educational Segment)
"Understanding Your Bill" Hospital Patient Guide (Article)
PatientPoint Communicate—Rheumatology Waiting Room Digital Screens Program (Total Program)
Treating Ear Infection (Waiting Room Educational Segment)
Acid Reflux (Brochure)
Rheumatoid Arthritis (Brochure)
Cold and Cough (Brochure)
Managing Gout (Brochure)
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (Brochure)
Managing Emotions After a Stroke (Waiting Room Educational Segment)
Sun Safety (Brochure)
Managing Your Weight (Brochure)
Hospital Patient Guide
"Take Charge of Your Care" Hospital Patient Guide (Article)
Healthy Aging (Brochure)
PatientPoint Educate—Primary Care Exam Room Program (Total Program)
Arthritis Can Be a Pain in the Foot (Waiting Room Educational Segment)
Chronic Constipation (Brochure)
High Blood Pressure (Brochure)
Depression (Brochure)
Lifestyle Changes to Help Prevent Breast Cancer (Waiting Room Educational Segment)
Healthy Living with HIV (Brochure)
Life-Threatening Allergies (Brochure)

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