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PatientPoint Receives More Than 50 National Health Information AwardsSM

PatientPoint is most honored company for fifth consecutive year

October 16, 2016

CINCINNATI — With more than 50 entries recognized, PatientPoint, the trusted leader in patient education and engagement at the point of care, has earned the distinction of the most awarded organization in the National Health Information Awards (NHIA) program for the fifth year in a row.

NHIA recognizes organizations that create high-quality, effective educational materials that are easy-to-understand, credible and actionable for patients and healthcare providers.

This year's award-winning PatientPoint educational content includes customized articles, brochures and videos available in physician offices and hospitals. With a total of 52 NHIA awards—the most for any company or publication—PatientPoint maintains its unquestioned leadership in health education at the point of care.

"While we don't create these materials to win awards, the recognition from NHIA is a validation that our education is making a difference for patients and physicians at the point of care," said Kate Merz, VP content and creative, PatientPoint. "These awards act as a seal of quality to help healthcare providers identify which content to offer their patients amid a host of possible choices and legitimatize our claim that we indeed create content that is both actionable and aspirational for the patient—a mission we take seriously."

PatientPoint received seven Silver Awards, 19 Bronze Awards and 26 Merit Awards (full listing can be found below). This year, entries were submitted by a wide variety of leading organizations in the consumer health field, including the American Heart Association, Mayo Clinic, March of Dimes and Parents magazine. Over the past 12 years, PatientPoint has been recognized by the NHIA with a total of 431 awards.

The NHIA program—the most comprehensive competition of its kind—is organized by Health Information Resource CenterSM, a national clearinghouse for consumer health information programs and materials, and sets the standard for the industry‚Äôs educational collateral.

PatientPoint 2016 NHIA Awards:

Allergies (Brochure)
Healthy Living with HIV (Brochure)
PatientPoint Rheumatology Program (Total Health Information Program)
Puberty in Boys (Brochure)
Puberty in Girls (Brochure)
Rheumatology Waiting Room Program (Video)
Spanish Type 2 Diabetes Brochure and Poster (Total Health Information Program)

All About Pectin (Video)
Dermatology, Waiting Room Program (Video)
Drink Water to Prevent Constipation (Video)
Eggs Aren't Dairy (Video)
Enlarged Prostate (Brochure)
Everyday Living with RA (Brochure)
Fiber and Your Diet (Brochure)
Guess the Answer: Garlic (Video)
Heart Attack Symptoms in Women (Video)
Heartburn and Acid Reflux (Brochure)
How Severe is Your Psoriasis? (Video)
Multiple Myeloma (Brochure)
PatientPoint Urology Program (Total Health Information Program)
Prepare for Your Procedure (Article)
Pre-Pregnancy Planning (Brochure)
Tension Headaches (Video)
The HPV Vaccine and Your Child (Brochure)
Understanding Mohs Surgery (Video)
Urgent Care, Hospital Digital Waiting Room Program (Video)

10 Minutes Makes a Difference (Video)
5 Ingredient Recipes: Salmon (Video)
Before You Leave the Hospital (Article)
Cold and Cough (Brochure)
Diabetes Testing Tips (Video)
Erectile Dysfunction (Brochure)
February is American Heart Month (Video)
Food Heroes: Beans (Video)
Gout (Brochure)
High Blood Pressure (Brochure)
Insulin and Needle Length (Video)
Kidney Stones (Brochure)
Managing Your Weight (Brochure)
OB/GYN, Waiting Room Program (Video)
Osteoarthritis (Brochure)
Overactive Bladder (Brochure)
PatientPoint Gastroenterology Exam Room Program (Total Health Information Program)
PatientPoint Pediatrics Exam Room Program (Total Health Information Program)
PatientPoint Primary Care Exam Room Program (Total Health Information Program)
Primary Care, Waiting Room Program (Video)
Psoriatic Arthritis (Brochure)
Safe Practices for Buying Meds Online (Video)
Take Charge of Your Care (Article)
Treat and Prevent Low Blood Sugar (Video)
Treating Prostate Cancer (Brochure)
Ulcerative Colitis (Brochure)

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