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PatientPoint Introduces Mobile App to Help Physicians Practice Medicine and Improve Patient Experience

October 26, 2016

CINCINNATI — PatientPoint has rolled out a new app that allows physicians to access timely medical news as well as provide patients valuable information on their health conditions using cutting-edge medical tools. The goal of PatientPoint 360° is to once again partner with physicians to enhance the patient-physician interaction by pulling together the research news, anatomical tools and patient education resources physicians need in one convenient app that providers can access immediately, during their workday, on their smartphone or tablet.

PatientPoint 360° is an enhanced mobile experience of two successful in-market PatientPoint products: Interact and Access. PatientPoint Interact is a wall-mounted touchscreen device with 3D anatomicals and patient education located in physician exam rooms. PatientPoint Access is a physician medical news digital screen offering real-time research summaries and business of medicine news, helping practitioners stay on top of late-breaking health news and industry trends.

"PatientPoint 360° allows physicians to provide valuable tools to help patients understand their condition in a way that is both convenient and unobtrusive," said Chris Martini, chief provider officer for PatientPoint. "And we know how important patient education is in ensuring positive outcomes."

Martini points out studies have shown that three out of four physicians are using mobile apps at work. On the patient side, adults in the United States spend 2.8 hours every day on their mobile phones.

"It will come as no surprise to anyone the degree to which we live in a mobile world,” Martini said. “PatientPoint 360° leverages that mobile world in service to healthy outcomes and improved relationships."

PatientPoint 360° is currently available in an exclusive first wave roll-out to healthcare providers in the PatientPoint network. For more information or to request a demo, please visit

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