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PatientPoint Expands Oncology Network Solutions Through Partnership with the Community Oncology Alliance

Waiting room program engages patients at community oncology facilities nationwide

CINCINNATI – PatientPoint® today announced a new waiting room oncology program in partnership with the Community Oncology Alliance (COA) designed to educate and engage oncology patients at COA member practices throughout the United States.

Across the country, community oncology practices are forging a path of high value care for patients with cancer through clinical trials and new care delivery models such as Oncology Medical Home and Oncology Care Model. The new program will support that progress while educating on key cancer care and policy issues.

“Patient engagement and education in oncology facilities is vitally important to the continuing decline of cancer mortality rates in the United States,” said Chris Martini, chief provider officer for PatientPoint. “The majority of patients with cancer are treated in community oncology practices. With our partnership, patients can actively engage with their oncologists and receive education where and when they need it most.”

The new program expands the existing suite of PatientPoint oncology solutions—including PatientPoint Communicate in the waiting room, PatientPoint Interact in the exam room and PatientPoint Access in the back office—to engage and educate oncology patients, caregivers and physicians at the point of care.

The digital waiting room screens will feature both PatientPoint and COA content—including COA’s new “I Am Community Oncology” campaign, which educates patients about the vast support and quality treatment that is both accessible and affordable in their area.

“Our partnership with PatientPoint will enable COA to reach patients while waiting to see their personal oncologist in their own community,” said Mary Kruczynski, director of policy analysis at COA. “The ability to provide cancer patients with the knowledge they need to become an educated voice, actively advocating for community oncology, will be immeasurably valuable.”

About PatientPoint

For almost 30 years, PatientPoint has been the trusted leader of patient and physician engagement solutions at the point of care. PatientPoint award-winning health information drives positive outcomes for patients, providers and sponsors. From primary care to specialty practices, urgent care clinics to hospitals and mobile, PatientPoint programs reach more than 290,000 healthcare providers across 31,000 physician offices and 1,000 hospitals nationwide, impacting half a billion patient and caregiver visits each year. Learn more at

About the Community Oncology Alliance

The Community Oncology Alliance (COA) is a non-profit organization dedicated solely to preserving and protecting access to community cancer care, where the majority of Americans with cancer are treated. COA leads community cancer clinics in navigating an increasingly challenging environment to provide efficiencies, patient advocacy, and proactive solutions to Congress and policy makers. To learn more, visit