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PatientPoint Expanding Its Groundbreaking Medical News Program

Exponential growth of network will give sponsoring brands unprecedented access to physicians

CINCINNATI —PatientPoint®, the trusted innovator of patient and physician engagement solutions across all points of care, announced today a significant expansion of its digital physician-facing medical news program. The company will more than double the program’s current footprint, providing sponsoring brands exclusive access to tens of thousands of physicians via digital display signage in the coveted back office.

PatientPoint Access was the first solution to offer brands the opportunity to impact physicians and staff in the moments they are most likely to pay attention—while in the back office area where they spend much of their workday. In addition to significantly expanding program reach, enhancements will include new content partnerships that will expand the depth of relevant, specialty-specific information and a revamped design that will facilitate comprehension via infographics, interactive segments and key news notes. In addition, a recently launched adjunct mobile app, PatientPoint360°, will allow healthcare providers immediate access to the health news and educational resources they need at any place or time.

“PatientPoint has a proven track record of developing the most innovative, measurably effective point-of-care communication solutions,” said Mike Collette, CEO of PatientPoint. “We were the first to provide digital waiting room programs that could offer award-winning content customized down to the individual practice level; the first to bring in-depth, interactive education into the exam room; and the first to launch a digital signage program reaching healthcare professionals where they work and prescribe. PatientPoint remains the trusted source of best-in-class point-of-care communication solutions for health systems, physicians and healthcare marketers. In the coming months, we will be launching a series of new point-of-care innovations that will deliver greater communication effectiveness with the very highest measurement and accountability standards to our health systems and sponsor partners. The PatientPoint Access expansion is just a start.”

High-value physicians receive more than 2,700 contacts from pharma companies every year, creating a crowded marketplace for their messages to be heard. Healthcare providers watch PatientPoint Access an average of 22 times per day, offering brands direct access to a coveted audience. The program also enables brands to provide customized content to specific practice locations.

“PatientPoint Access provides clients with a new way to gain access to an increasingly difficult to reach audience,” said Linda Ruschau, chief client officer for PatientPoint. “With more than half of all practices now restricting access to sales reps, PatientPoint embraced this growing challenge, giving clients a proven solution to get their message to physicians in real time. Sponsoring brands have achieved an average NRx lift of +10.8%. As a result, we are seeing more brands leverage PatientPoint Access to gain a competitive advantage.”

PatientPoint also receives feedback regularly from physicians on the positive impact the program has on the overall care experience. “At one point, I saw that the use of a particular drug increased the risk of suicide,” said Dr. Edward C., an internist from Cincinnati. “When one of my patients who I had started on this drug came in and said she’d been having depressive thoughts, I didn’t dismiss it.”

PatientPoint Access is part of the company’s end-to-end communication platform, which features a full suite of integrated solutions designed to enrich the patient experience across the entire healthcare journey. For more information, visit

About PatientPoint

PatientPoint powers more effective patient-physician engagements across all points of care. With 30 years of unrivaled experience and continual, meaningful innovation, we are trusted consultants to healthcare providers and sponsoring brands. Using superior analytics and insights, we craft customized programs that drive better engagements. From primary care to complex specialties, from practices to hospitals, PatientPoint provides a cohesive, end-to-end communication platform that enriches the entire care experience and delivers proven results. Learn more at