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From the Patient’s Perspective: Quality Care with Quality Education

Every day at PatientPoint, we create informative, actionable and approachable content we hope will help patients live better lives. It’s not every day, though, that we hear from a patient firsthand about how our work impacted his life.

“Everything you read about your condition is made to scare you,” Sy Weiss from Ft. Lee, New Jersey told us over the phone. “These [brochures] weren’t like that. They described the condition very accurately, then provided a practical approach to things.”

Sy Weiss

Sy had received our in-depth Gout brochure from his rheumatologist and was calling to give us the highest-possible praise. He was so impressed with that brochure that he took all of the other brochures available in his rheumatologist’s office. Armed with this education, Sy was empowered to have a conversation with his rheumatologist about new treatments and how to manage his other conditions.

This is exactly our goal here at PatientPoint: to make every doctor-patient engagement better. For Sy, having easy-to-understand and actionable information on his conditions—coupled with a doctor he could trust—made all the difference in his satisfaction and quality of care.

Quality Care Starts at the Doctor-Patient Relationship

Engagement is what both doctors and patients care about. In a recent industry survey, both patients and doctors ranked 22 healthcare delivery attributes to learn what it is that they both really want from the healthcare system.

Doctors and patients ranked the doctor-patient relationship as the most valuable attribute when it comes to quality care. Patients, regardless of age or health status, want a doctor who is experienced and knowledgeable, listens to their concerns, explains things clearly, and spends as much time as necessary with them. And doctors want the same thing.

Like Sy, patients don’t want to be afraid of their condition or disease. They want to know what they can do to live their healthiest and best-possible life. They want to be partners with their doctor in their healthcare decisions, and they actively search for information on how to manage their condition or disease.

It’s because of patients like Sy that I’m so passionate about what we do here at PatientPoint. Sy also reminds me of the importance of our greater mission to create trusted solutions at every critical touchpoint of care to improve doctor-patient engagement. Whether it’s in the waiting room, exam room or at home, we take pride in knowing that our content is increasing patient knowledge and, ultimately, helping patients partner with their doctors to take a more active role in their care.

To learn more about our patient engagement solutions and how they can help you and your patients contact us.

Kate Merz

About Kate Merz

Kate Merz oversees PatientPoint creative teams across three cities: Cincinnati, Nashville and Little Rock. As Executive Vice President, Content and Creative, Kate ensures the most relevant, engaging health content for patients and providers is developed. Under her leadership, PatientPoint has earned the recognition of the most-awarded point-of-care provider for exceptional content.