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POC Accountability Does Exist – Right Here

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Confused about point-of-care (POC) validation measures? I’m not surprised. The transparency and accountability of the POC channel remains a hot topic in the media; some are even calling POC one of the most misunderstood media spaces. I understand why, given every point of view seems to report on a different “must-have” approach.

While there is no one right approach to POC validation, the bottom line is clear: It all comes down to trust and delivery. When choosing a POC provider to partner with, you not only have to ask whether you can trust the experience of this provider, but also whether they can substantiate with facts that you are indeed getting what you pay for.

Here’s a brief overview of the checks and balances PatientPoint® uses to guarantee client deliverables and ensure that trust remains at the center of all our client relationships.

Confirming the Reach is Real

There are two key components to reach verification: providing clients with a list of installed locations and healthcare professionals they are being billed for, and confirming that the POC program purchased is physically there and on. Every brand or agency has the right to this vital information.

PatientPoint has selected SK&A (now IQVIA) as its official arbiter for physicians practicing in a given location. SK&A contacts practices a minimum of every six months to refresh its database. PatientPoint also has a direct line of communication with SK&A to reconcile practice and provider data that doesn’t align. This ensures the most accurate and current data is sent to our clients at all times.

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While PatientPoint has been doing physical audits for years, we’ve further elevated our standards, having SPAR and PlaceBridge/J. Knipper take our entire list of installed offices and conduct a physical in-person audit across a statistically valid sample. As an additional action step, we also have the Alliance for Audited Media (AAM) certify the digital device counts we provide to our client partners.

Digital confirmation of device counts across 100% of our installed offices + physical audit verification = information you can trust.

Delivering the Data Behind Your Digital Ad Play

PatientPoint has invested significant capital into a digital signage platform that enables us to capture and track every client ad played in a physician’s office – even if the content is cached. That’s not an easy feat, and we’re proud of our efforts to ensure this can happen. AAM certifies our digital ad play reports we share with clients, and our platform also supports API integration, allowing access to and integration with third parties designated by our agencies or clients.

Validating Script Volume

PatientPoint pioneered the evaluation of POC using script lift data versus CPMs more than 15 years ago. We meet upfront with client research experts to gain alignment on methodology before executing a campaign study. While Symphony is our primary supplier, we have also worked with IMS and Crossix to evaluate our programs. To avoid any concerns surrounding manipulation of results, Symphony can forward results directly to clients and participate in meetings on results of PatientPoint programs.

Moving the Industry Forward

This is just an overview of the standards PatientPoint has in place to ensure clients’ trust and confidence remain in not only PatientPoint, but the entire POC channel. While news about POC transparency and accountability will continue to surround those companies trying to make up time for breach of trust, PatientPoint will demonstrate and deliver the reach and results we’ve always said we would. There’s a saying that it takes years to build up trust and only one moment to lose it. I’ve never forgotten that, and neither has PatientPoint.

I welcome the opportunity to speak with you personally regarding PatientPoint or all things point of care. Please connect with me at [email protected] or (513) 936-3549.

This post originally appeared in DTC Perspectives.

Linda Ruschau

About Linda Ruschau

Linda Ruschau is part of the PatientPoint founding team, bringing 25 years of experience in pharmaceutical marketing and point-of-care expertise to the company. As Chief Client Officer, Linda leads a national sales team in helping brands impact patient-physician dialogue, drive patient engagement and create sustainable success for forward-thinking pharma, OTC and CPG clients.