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Why Point of Care Is Critical to Your Marketing Strategy

Broad reach used to be the ultimate goal for pharma marketers. Given the changing landscape, however, new tactics are required. It’s no longer enough to simply deliver messages to an expansive audience. With a new industry focus on maximizing engagement, now what matters most is whether your brands are connecting with the right patients and physicians.

Reaching those right audiences can be a challenge, however. Closed-door policies and healthcare consolidation have restricted pharma brands’ access to physicians over the past few years. As a result, a change in strategy is happening, with a heavy focus now on patients to spark conversations with their physicians about the brands they’ve seen.

That’s a good move, considering 86% of pharma executives state patient centricity is key to their profitability. Yet, it appears they aren’t moving fast enough: Nearly 40% of patients still don’t know any of the pharma companies behind their treatments.

So how do you raise awareness as a true partner to these patients as they strive for better health? Deliver the information they need at the exact moments they need it—at the point of care.

Get to the Point

As patients take more active roles in their health, it’s never been more important for pharma brands to integrate point of care into their marketing strategies. In fact, it’s exactly what patients want—and expect—them to do.

How Patients Want Pharma Companies to Reach Them

Point of care has evolved into any time a patient and physician interact—pre-visit, during the visit or post-visit, meaning the opportunities to capitalize on these critical intersections are immense for pharma brands.

Understanding what information patients and physicians are seeking, when and in what channel, across all points of care enables pharma brands to deliver tailored communications that lead to increased engagement and, ideally, an increased number of prescriptions written (not to mention a more effective use of budget).

Learn more about how to maximize your impact (and ROI) across all points of care. Download our white paper “To the Point: The path to ROI lies in more impactful experiences at the point of care.”