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The Power of Point of Care

Quick question: You saw a new brand of lotion on TV last night that caught your eye in this dry skin season. Can you recall that brand now, or are you more likely to remember it when you’re standing in the health and beauty aisle at Target?

Placement and timing of brand information is obviously critical to consumer recall, and action. The store shelf has long been coveted by CPG marketers for that “moment of truth.” It’s the same principle of delivering the right information at the right time that makes messaging in the physician’s office, or point of care, invaluable for pharma brands. For true success, pharma brands need patients to take the ultimate action of talking to their doctor about your brand—and there is no other place to more effectively drive that behavior than point of care.

More and more pharma brands are realizing this as we see point of care enjoying a well-deserved resurgence. I say “resurgence” because I (and PatientPoint) have been living the value of point of care for the past 30 years! As pioneers of the industry, we recognized how intensely powerful that moment is when doctors and patients connect, and have been helping pharma brands be a part of those engagements via innovative, impactful solutions.

Point of care is primed for the burgeoning demand. According to Medical Marketing & Media Healthcare Marketers 2018 Trend Report, 29% of pharma brand marketers expect to increase their POC marketing spend this year. I say, “Hallelujah!” The industry is ready, with exciting new digital solutions that enable brands to connect, both inside the physician office and out, to the exact audience who needs information about treatment and programs.

For years, one of the biggest asks to make point of care meaningful is scale. It’s time to rethink how we define scale—as impact. Point of care is the only tactic that puts your brand at the point of script, at the exact moment doctors and patients are thinking about and discussing treatment options—and special delivers your brand right into that conversation. It doesn’t get more impactful than that.

This post originally appeared in the 2018 DTC National conference guide.

Linda Ruschau

About Linda Ruschau

Linda Ruschau is part of the PatientPoint founding team, bringing 25 years of experience in pharmaceutical marketing and point-of-care expertise to the company. As Chief Client Officer, Linda leads a national sales team in helping brands impact patient-physician dialogue, drive patient engagement and create sustainable success for forward-thinking pharma, OTC and CPG clients.