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Streamline Care Coordination & Data Management to Improve Outcomes

PatientPoint® helps providers manage their ever-growing patient populations before, during and between care visits.


Gaps in care and adherence are identified through the PatientPoint Care-Coordination platform, which automates and streamlines the clinical cycle. PatientPoint aggregates data from health plans, practice management systems, EMRs and pharmacy partners into a single patient or staff interface. Gaps in care are identified and the patient receives messaging and interventions to close the gap via phone, text, email or online. The same platform can be used to educate patients before a test or procedure, leading to better outcomes and increased patient satisfaction.

Point of Care

Gaps in care are consolidated into a single interface for providers and staff through the PatientPoint Care Coordination dashboard. Electronic Check-In streamlines and digitizes consent data and payment collection, while offering a platform to initiate or reinforce disease-management programs.   The unique patient-physician relationship at the practice level provides additional opportunities to educate and engage patients.

On the Check-In tablet, patients receive intervention programs for gaps in care or adherence, as well as health screenings based on EMR and demographic data. Both aggregated and patient self-reported data are posted to the EMR and printed on summary cards to prompt and enhance doctor-patient discussions.

After the patient sees the physician and is at Check-Out, the system offers the patient continuing adherence and compliance programs, patient satisfaction surveys, and enrollment into mobile and online programs.

Post-Care / Between Visits

PatientPoint continuously monitors patients' files for gaps, such as a non-filled prescription or follow-up to preventive screenings. Open gaps trigger additional patient outreach and education. Moving beyond gaps, patients receive information through our Take Action Plans for identified conditions or self-reported concerns.

Improves Outcomes

  • Improves health management through data aggregation and gap resolution
  • Drives care interventions and discussions between provider and patient
  • Increases the capacity of the care coordinator

Increases Revenue

  • Generates revenue from preventive computerized screenings (e.g. depression)
  • Allows providers to meet and maintain NCQA-level-3 compliance
  • Decreases A/R by improving collections at the point of service
  • Impacts quality ratings which impacts reimbursement rates

Decreases Cost

  • Lowers cost of care coordination
  • $3 to $7 in cost savings per Check-In from electronic Check-In/Out solution
  • Enables smooth care transitions through efficient data exchange between disparate data sources 
  • Increases patient satisfaction and retention—reducing need for marketing spend  
PatientPoint NCQA PCMH Seal

Prevalidated by NationalCommittee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) for PCMH 2011 Criteria:

The PatientPoint Care Coordination Platform is Prevalidated by NCQA-Practices using the platform's prevalidated funcitonality can gain automatic credit towards 10-15% of total points required to achieve NCQA PCMH Level III.

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