Why Point of Care

Whether you call it physician’s office marketing, point-of-care marketing or simply marketing wherever and whenever consumers receive healthcare, our targeted marketing solutions engage and deliver significant impact.
  Here's Why

National Brands

With more than 25 years' experience, PatientPoint knows how to create value at the point of care for our sponsors. Our programs consistently average double-digit NRx lift and positive brand ROI, and practices consistently rank our programs as having a positive impact on their patients, healthcare providers and staff. When you choose us, you receive not only an effective category-exclusive solution, but also dedicated account and creative services—and the unprecedented ability to target and tailor your message to each location.

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National Sponsors
Turnkey Execution

Local Brands and Healthcare Services

PatientPoint offers local healthcare businesses a unique and targeted way to reach those who need their services most—when they most need them—at the moment patient-care decisions are being made. Impact the conversation between medical professionals and patients and caregivers by advertising your local business with PatientPoint. You’ll receive dedicated account and creative services to help develop an effective ad—plus, your support helps patients navigate the healthcare experience before, during and after hospital stays.

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Local Sponsors