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Time is on Your Side to Increase Patient Engagement

It’s no mystery that healthcare is undergoing a seismic shift. With reimbursement now tied to value and quality of care, patient experience is a critical factor to providers’ success. As a result, providers, hospitals and health systems are increasingly implementing health information technology solutions like patient portals to help drive quality, satisfaction and retention.

Even though many practices offer patient portals that promise easy access to health records and the ability to communicate with providers and schedule appointments, many patients aren’t using them. Recent Nielsen survey data show that a majority of Americans are either unaware of or don’t have access to technology they could use to communicate with their doctors for better quality health care.

So what’s the secret weapon to increasing engagement? Believe it or not, time: specifically, the downtime a patient has between the time they arrive and the time they see their physician.

Consider that the average patient spends more than an hour waiting without physician interaction1 between check-in, the waiting room and the exam room. Fortunately, you can leverage this wait time to engage patients with in-office communications.

Let’s look at the exam room in particular, where patients wait an average of 15 minutes before the provider arrives. Those 15 minutes represent a precious opportunity for you to increase engagement and empower patients to sign up for your portal.

Through our PatientPoint Interact interactive exam room program you can recognize the power of seizing critical touchpoints to drive engagement. In addition to helping drive patient portal enrollment, PatientPoint Interact allows your patients to email themselves helpful material discussed during visits, encouraging compliance and continued engagement.

So when it comes to engagement, time is on your side. By incorporating engagement solutions into critical moments of care, you can improve the patient experience and clinical outcomes. And since patient portal utilization satisfies many MIPs activities needed for CMS reimbursement, you’re ultimately driving greater revenue.

1 Arbitron, MSW Study, NCR 2010,, Morgan Stanley Research

Chris Martini

About Chris Martini

Chris Martini’s strategic vision transformed how hospitals and physicians communicate with their patients at the point of care. As President, Hospital Solutions and Chief Provider Officer, Chris is responsible for all business functions and financial performance of the provider business unit.