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Trust, Transparency and Point of Care

As Point of Care (POC) becomes a mainstream channel for brands to reach the right patients and physicians and impact prescribing behavior, trust of the medium and transparency around results are paramount.

As the pioneer of the space, we are fierce proponents of the POC channel. And in light of recent scrutiny around tactics some POC companies were using, we share a sense of urgency with others to assure brand marketers that they can trust POC to deliver and guarantee reach and results.

Enter the Point of Care Communication Council (PoC3), an industry group focused on advocating for the effective use of the channel to advance health and healthcare outcomes. The PoC3—of which PatientPoint is a founding member—is taking several major steps to help underscore the trustworthiness of the channel:

POC3 Buyer’s Guide

PoC3 recently released a Buyer’s Guide outlining questions brands and agencies should ask a potential POC partner before entering into a contract to ensure that promised services are delivered. The guide and resulting questions to ask—covering everything from purchasing and ethics to campaign scaling and auditing—were developed by PoC3 member companies in consultation with an external group of esteemed pharma, agency and independent industry experts.

Of note, the Buyer’s Guide encourages brands and agencies to ask whether a potential partner is a PoC3 member. A company’s membership in PoC3 guarantees several benefits, including adherence to PoC3’s ethics policy. PoC3 membership also requires all member companies to conduct an annual physical and digital audit to assure sponsoring brands that their POC strategy is delivering proven value.

Verification & Validation Standards

The PoC3 has assembled an entire committee dedicated to developing standard verification and validation standards for POC. The committee—which I’m fortunate to chair and includes representation from member companies, brands and agencies—is working diligently to develop specific standards for physical auditing, digital auditing, sampling auditing, mail auditing and more. Once completed and released, these standards will add further credibility to POC as a channel and will assure clients that the efforts of every PoC3 member company can be independently verified and validated.

My number one goal in research & analytics at PatientPoint is to assure pharma brands that by partnering with us, they can trust that we’ll do what’s best for them and we’ll deliver on our promises. Our work to establish industry reporting standards is just one more way we’re demonstrating our steadfast commitment to trust and transparency—a commitment that’s always been and always will be our top priority.

Learn more about how I partner with our clients to guarantee value and effectiveness for our point-of-care programs.

Scott Nesbitt

About Scott Nesbitt

As Chief Analytics, Insights & Strategy Officer, Scott’s primary focus is to provide valuable data and insight to PatientPoint and its partners to help achieve their strategic business goals. Under his guidance, PatientPoint has come to be known for superior analytics. Scott is a well-known industry thought-leader with many speakerships.