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Unlock Your Patient Engagement Potential

At their core, health systems, hospitals and practices must provide high-quality, profitable care experiences. As patients become more active participants in their care, many providers are taking a closer look at their engagement strategies to keep patients satisfied—and most importantly, healthy.

While you may think a fully connected, customizable patient experience is something of the future, think again: Solutions are available today to help you increase patient engagement and satisfaction.

Leverage Critical Touchpoints

Waiting rooms, exam rooms and other critical point-of-care touchpoints represent untapped opportunities to easily and cost-effectively increase patient engagement, meet MIPS/MACRA requirements and drive better outcomes.

  • Digital screens in the waiting room can showcase education relevant to patients’ specific conditions
  • Interactive exam room touchscreens featuring dynamic videos, 3D anatomicals and other learning tools can be leveraged in the office; they can also be used to drive patient portal adoption and sign up and send relevant education to patients electronically to continue the learning experience at home
  • Back-office digital screens can keep staff informed of quality care progress

Beyond the office, providers can leverage mobile technology to send prescribed reading, satisfaction surveys and other information to patients before and after every visit.

A point-of-care strategy leveraging the above tools can help providers inform, educate, assess health risks and extend the educational experience beyond hospital or office walls. This creates an important sense of continued patient connection and engagement, which helps drive better results for both patient and provider alike.

Move the Needle on Quality Metrics

Meaningful patient engagement has been shown to improve a number of outcome measures that correspond with specific MIPs metrics. Here at PatientPoint, we’ve seen this firsthand. Our solutions have been shown to drive:

  • 11% increase in colonoscopies
  • 21% increase in vaccinations
  • increase in follow-up appointments of diabetes patients from 19% to 62%

More than these results, utilizing point-of-care education and engagement tools are also proven to enrich the meaningful interactions patients have with their doctors. Nine out of 10 patients who recall seeing PatientPoint point-of-care education say that they learned a health tip they could take action on right away. And more than 98% of providers say they are satisfied with our programs.

These stats represent the foundational goal here at PatientPoint: to arm you with the content and education you need to better communicate, educate and engage patients and caregivers in the moments that matter most. For over 30 years, we’ve been helping providers enrich their patient experience and drive clinical outcomes. Let us help do the same for you.

Chris Martini

About Chris Martini

Chris Martini’s strategic vision transformed how hospitals and physicians communicate with their patients at the point of care. As President, Hospital Solutions and Chief Provider Officer, Chris is responsible for all business functions and financial performance of the provider business unit.