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We're totally up for your upfronts.

Here's the lowdown on your upfronts: Without point of care, your marketing efforts miss out on the greatest moment of impact for your brand—the point of script. Carve out some of those media dollars for point of care and get guaranteed ROI, category exclusivity and access to your target doctors in return. 

Your Brand Needs POC whitepaper

Your Brand Needs POC: The Top 7 POC Proof Points

The power of point of care is too strong to pass up. Here's why.

The Value of Point of Care

Why Point-of-Care Marketing with PatientPoint?

Simply put, no other channel can put your brand at the moment when patients are most receptive—when they are in the doctors’ office. And no other POC partner can offer guaranteed ROI with state-of-the-art tools to measure, target and customize your message.


93% Client Renewal Rate

Guaranteed ROI

Category Exclusivity

Let’s Talk

With PatientPoint, there's no double-talk, just 30 years of trusted point-of-care expertise. Contact us to learn how you can make point of care a part of your plan today.