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The top 3 reasons you should use healthcare signage for employee engagement

by PatientPoint

Doctors watching a practice engagement device

Engaging your team with the information they need in the fast-paced clinical environment requires leaders to rethink the channels and style they use to connect with employees. Digital signs give the flexibility and features you need to get all your messages to every employee across every location in a way that is easy to consume, easy to act on and easy to update. And with information broken down into bite-size pieces on the signage, your team can absorb information while going from one appointment to the next—without any further action on their part or disruption to their workflow. 

Here’s why this healthcare signage works well: 

Quick, attention-grabbing info 

  Patient portal reminder on practice engagement device

A practice engagement device shares your clinical staff goals and initiatives in short on-screen messages with clear calls to action. While long-form content has its uses, short-form content is ideal for employees with busy schedules. When digital healthcare signage is mounted in a highly trafficked area, employees can get the information they need in a glance and then continue on with their day. 

Goal progression messages can quickly show the team that they’ve nearly reached their goal and motivate them to talk to qualifying patients to schedule a screening or get a vaccination. These informational messages are meant to motivate and inspire. 

You should also include a clear call-to-action when necessary. For instance, if you want all employees to attend a training session about new CMS rules, provide detailed information and an easy way to sign up. 

Your team will be drawn to the screen, and accordingly to taking an action, not only because of its prime location but also because it features content they care about. In addition to calling out patient care goals, the device shares specialty-specific news and advice from industry experts alongside dynamic health indexes, the local weather and free CME opportunities. And the device presents this content dynamically with moving text and eye-catching visuals to keep their attention. 

Team recognition 

Welcome message on practice engagement device

Practice engagement screens are great for team recognition—thanks to their clear visibility to everyone in the office and their convenient customization process. Shout out high-performing employees, congratulate award winners and share their major life updates. This will increase employee satisfaction, and when providers are happier, patients are too. According to a study by Gallup and Workhuman, employees who receive adequate recognition are four times more likely to be engaged and three times more likely to have a sense of loyalty to their organization. 

Press Ganey has also found a correlation between high employee engagement in a healthcare organization and improved patient experience, clinical outcomes and safety. In other words, prioritizing the satisfaction of your clinical staff is a critical component of meeting key practice goals. 

Reinforced messaging 

The practice engagement device displays content on a loop throughout the workday. This not only increases the likelihood of each employee seeing each message but also increases the chance they’ll see the message more than once. This repetition keeps your initiatives top of mind, reminding providers to bring up the patient portal or perform another action to meet your goals. The idea that repetition increases learning has long been accepted as fact—Hermann Ebbinghaus demonstrated this back in 1885—and it’s crucial to getting your team to embrace change. 

For seasonal initiatives like flu vaccine reminders, you can schedule them to play over the course of several months. For long-term goals, you may decide to have indefinite messaging to always keep employees engaged with the practice mission, for example. 

At PatientPoint, we make the process of adding new provider content onto the device as quick and easy as possible. Simply log into a portal to add or remove content from your playlist. We’ll also create customized messages for you—all you have to do is fill out a form letting us know what you want, and then we’ll create it in five business days.   

The PatientPoint Practice Engagement Device is the no-cost solution for employee engagement. To learn more about this device and how we can help your practice accomplish provider and patient objectives, request a 15-minute demo. 

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