Point-of-Care Perspectives from PatientPoint

Recap: The FIRST Upfront Dedicated to Point of Care

by PatientPoint

Select PatientPoint clients and partnering agencies attended this first-of-its-kind event to learn more about how the industry leader continues to evolve the point-of-care channel to provide life sciences marketers new opportunities for meaningful engagement with healthcare providers and patients.

Highlights from this amazing day:

  • Insights from the frontlines: A panel of leading physicians and clinical experts shared how PatientPoint solutions are enabling them to deliver more approachable, accessible care and where they saw pharma’s greatest opportunity for impact. As one physician noted, “My mantra has been education, empowerment and accessibility for both patients and staff. PatientPoint has been instrumental in creating a truly patient-centered practice, allowing us to elevate our care to another level.”   

Panelists: Kashyap Patel, MD, President, Coastal Carolina Oncology; Immediate Past President, Community Oncology Alliance; Kit Robertson, RN, BSN, PMC-III, VP, Clinical Data Operations, Integra Connect; Roopa Gupta, MD, President, Lotus Oncology & Hematology; Olalekan Ajayi, PharmD, MBA, COO, Highlands Oncology Group

  • Successful measurement strategies: It was a spirited conversation with Dave Nussbaum, Chief Data Officer of Publicis Health, and Hart Mechlin, Director, Partnerships for Veeva Crossix, who discussed how marketers can break through the clutter and prioritize what measurement models are ultimately most important to assess campaign success.
  • Health empowerment for all: PatientPoint Founder and CEO Mike Collette shared the growing impact of the PatientPoint Foundation—touching more than 2.2M patients. PatientPoint is a proud member of the Pledge 1% movement, which means for every dollar invested in PatientPoint, a portion of it is channeled directly back into our underserved communities.
  • The importance of MRC accreditation: Achieving Media Rating Council (MRC) accreditation took four years in the making, hundreds of hours verifying all HCPs across all PatientPoint locations and 1,000+ in-person audits conducted by Ernst & Young. Mike and PatientPoint Chief Client Officer Linda Ruschau spoke about how this incredible achievement ensures PatientPoint client partners can be confident that every PatientPoint business system, process and documentation is verified as best-in-class. No other point-of-care company can claim that.
  • Innovative and data-driven insights: While broad-based advertising opportunities within TV and digital media are often showcased during the traditional Upfronts and Newfronts respectively, this special event showcased recent research that called greater attention to the value of digital screens in the doctor’s office. This monumental study revealed that 84% of people view the doctor’s office as the most appropriate place to see pharmaceutical ads when compared to TV, social media and online.

The success of this FIRST Upfront for Point of Care sets the stage for continued innovation and collaboration. It was clear from the energy in the room that now more than ever, the goal of empowering better health for every possible patient is truly attainable—and we are already on our way.


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