Improve the care experience. Improve outcomes.

 It’s proven that greater engagement among patients, caregivers and physicians across the care journey can deliver higher quality care and improved outcomes. See how the PatientPoint platform does just that.

The PatientPoint Neurology Platform


Improve your online listings and reputation to showcase the services and quality care you offer to gain new patients.

Waiting Room

Empower patients and caregivers with health information in the waiting room and encourage them to follow treatment plans.

Exam Room

Help patients and caregivers understand the diagnosis, treatment and procedures with interactive tools in the exam room that improve compliance and build trust.

Back Office

Build a culture of compassion that improves staff satisfaction and engagement across all your locations.

Build Awareness of Your Services

Build Awareness of Your Services

Our platform is customizable through our easy-to-use portal. Add your own practice messages to build awareness of your services that drives patient action. 

  • Custom messages can inform patients about your services and patient portal while also sharing resources and provider milestones with your staff.
  • You can add your own videos and content, or we can create them for you with our content creation services.
  • You can even add content from our extensive library of award-winning education and information.

Pro Tip: Consistent messages at all touchpoints increase awareness with patients and staff.  

Proven Satisfaction

The PatientPoint Platform is proven to help patients and providers.
  • 3% increase in billable claims per health service*
  • 92% overall program satisfaction among providers**
  • 97% of patients say PatientPoint is a trustworthy source***

See sources below.

Proven Satisfaction

Imaging Right Where You Need it

Your Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) can be integrated into the exam room screen so you have everything you need all in one place. Walk patients through their radiographic images to enhance comprehension.

Imaging Right Where You Need it

Increased Patient Education

“I would definitely recommend this device because, even when I’m not in the patient room, there are patient health topics they can navigate through.”

-Dr. Nirav Pavasia – MD, Neurology Consultants of Dallas

Share Practice Messages

“I’m able to personalize everything that we use. So if I have a community event that’s going on, or if we’re closing early for an event that we have going on in the office or something like that, I use it to show the patients our hours, the different services and programs we offer.”

-Amanda Haddad – marketing director of Neurology Consultants of Dallas

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Our Partners

PatientPoint is proud to partner with these neurology associations and organizations among others.

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*Results of matched pair analysis using longitudinal patient medical claims. Health services measured: colon cancer screening, breast cancer screening, STI screening, tobacco cessation counseling, flu vaccination. Statistically significant @95%, p-value <0.05.
**2022-Q1 Nationwide online survey of 237 HCPs and staff in practices with at least one active PatientPoint digital screen program
***Nationwide 2010 Practice Surveys

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