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Improve Health Literacy Using Accessible Education

Learn how the right education and strategy can improve health literacy in your practice.

Improve Conversions with the Right Education Strategy

Learn the education strategy CEI uses to increase premium IOLs.

A Blueprint for Health Equity in Community Oncology

Learn from two oncology experts about how to address health equity at your practice.

2023 Patient Confidence Index

Discover how 2000 Americans feel going to the doctor and how you can gain their trust.
Media Kit

PatientPoint: The Point of Care Leader

You need a reliable marketing channel that can deliver unparalleled impact to patients, physicians, and, most importantly, your brand. Discover how PatientPoint can be the ultimate partner by providing the reach, relevance and results you want.

How to Design the Perfect Waiting Room

Transform the patient experience, drive higher patient satisfaction scores and enhance productivity—all with a few simple changes to your waiting area.

Taking Action on Patient Satisfaction

Enhance and measure patient satisfaction with tangible tactics that will boost your reviews, facilitate more referrals and ensure higher retention rates.
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