Improve Patient Outcomes with Remote Patient Monitoring

Implement a remote patient monitoring program that improves outcomes, increases staff efficiencies and creates a new, recurring revenue stream.

Benefits of Remote Patient Monitoring

Improve Patient Outcomes

Research shows that providing consistent monitoring and access to high-risk/chronic patients will result in decreased hospitalizations and readmissions.

Gain Better Insights

By monitoring patients outside of the office, your clinical staff can keep a better eye on patients’ health, notice trends in their measurements and adjust treatments accordingly to provide continuous rather than episodic care.

Increase Staff Efficiency

Services like managed care from licensed nurses reduce the number of unbilled calls and messages coming to your staff and physicians, freeing them up to focus on patients in the office.

Increase Revenue

With your RPM team monitoring your high-risk/chronic patients, you’ll have a new, consistent revenue source for the work your staff is already doing—returning patient phone calls, adding notes and more.

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