PatientPoint Launches Impact Calculator to Help Health Systems Quantify Growth Potential with Leading Patient Engagement Platform

Tool combines demonstrated PatientPoint clinical impact, customized health system inputs to enable health systems to calculate growth potential from industry leading patient engagement technology

CINCINNATI – PatientPoint® today announced the introduction of a new Impact Calculator designed to help health systems and hospitals quickly and easily determine how the industry leading patient engagement platform can drive growth within key service lines, procedures and other strategic initiatives.

PatientPoint’s innovative, tech-enabled platform enhances the in-office patient experience in more than 200 health systems nationwide. The patient engagement platform delivers education and information aligned to health system key initiatives and award-winning, specialty-specific content designed to spark better practice workflows and better health outcomes. PatientPoint in-office technology and education is proven to influence patient behavior and has been associated with the following positive outcomes1 in participating health systems:

  • 20% increase in colon cancer screenings
  • 28% increase in flu vaccines
  • 43% increase in tobacco cessation counseling
  • 45% increase in mammograms

The PatientPoint Impact Calculator combines PatientPoint’s demonstrated clinical outcomes data with health system-specific inputs such as number of physicians and specific clinical services to quantify the potential unique impact of PatientPoint’s patient engagement solutions for individual health systems.

“The PatientPoint patient engagement platform is designed to improve health outcomes, and for the first time we have a tool that can demonstrate the impact and growth-driving potential of high-tech, high-touch PatientPoint solutions on a per-system basis,” said PatientPoint Chief Provider Officer Chris Martini. “We’re excited to showcase this tool in our conversations with health systems to further demonstrate how relevant, personalized health experiences can support health system goals of increasing quality, improving clinical outcomes and, ultimately, driving better health.”

1Results of matched pair analysis using longitudinal patient medical claims; 12-month total impact for colon cancer screenings, tobacco cessation counseling and mammograms, 3-month total impact for flu vaccines

About PatientPoint

PatientPoint® is a leading digital health company that connects patients, healthcare providers and life sciences companies with the right information in the moments care decisions are made. Our solutions are proven to influence patient behavior and improve health outcomes, driving value for all stakeholders. Across the nation’s largest network of connected digital devices in 35,000 physician offices, PatientPoint solutions empower better health for more than 750 million patient visits each year. Learn more at 


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