PatientPoint Launches Independently Audited Digital Campaign Success Reporting Initiative for Point-of-Care Network

CINCINNATI – PatientPoint® today announced the launch of a new digital campaign reporting initiative that will provide brands with independently audited monthly activity and proof-of-performance data for every campaign investment in the company’s leading point-of-care network.

PatientPoint Digital Campaign Success Reports will be issued for every brand campaign running on the company’s digital screen products in physician office waiting rooms, exam rooms and back offices. Reports will include audited metrics on ad play activity during total physician office “open days” as well as healthcare provider and location reach over the contract period. These reports will provide sponsors with dynamic, ongoing line of sight to monitor campaigns and maximize campaign performance.

This new initiative exceeds point-of-care industry guidelines for both percentage of campaigns measured and frequency of reporting. Specifically, current industry guidelines recommend point-of-care publishers to issue reports on 25 percent of all campaigns twice annually. PatientPoint will exceed these industry guidelines by reporting on 100 percent of campaigns on a monthly basis.

PatientPoint Digital Campaign Success Reports are independently audited by the Alliance for Audited Media (AAM). AAM is a trusted, reputable leader in cross-media verification for North America’s leading media brands, point-of-care media providers and technology platform companies. The AAM certification of PatientPoint Digital Campaign Success Reports follows AAM’s recent certification of the PatientPoint digital technology platform. Earning independent AAM digital network certification was the result of a comprehensive, third-party audit confirming the presence and functionality of PatientPoint equipment in healthcare provider offices across the country.

“PatientPoint is generating monthly reports audited by AAM for every campaign running on our digital networks. This is an important milestone in our 30-year legacy of going above and beyond to deliver compelling results that marketers can trust,” said PatientPoint Founder and CEO Mike Collette. “These automated reports resemble the dashboard reports sponsors receive when running an online digital campaign and can give sponsors the same level of confidence investing in Point of Care as in any other digital media channel.”

About PatientPoint

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