Point-of-Care Perspectives from PatientPoint

Video: Top 5 Tips for Increasing Patient Understanding and Adherence 

by PatientPoint

Here are the top five tips for increasing patient understanding and adherence.

Video Transcript

Tip #1: Use plain language. Skip the medical jargon and use clear, simple, and direct terms that patients will understand.

Tip #2: Use visual aids during appointments. 3D models and diagrams help patients better understand their condition, especially if they’re visual learners.

Tip #3: Identify patients in need. If they don’t have the resources to follow their treatment plan, provide a list of helpful organizations.

Tip #4: Give patients take-home materials about their diagnosis and treatment. Text or email the information so it doesn’t get lost.

Tip #5: Make the waiting room educational. Use engagement technology to share health information and tips.

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