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Point of Care Thrives Amidst Uncertain TV Industry Strikes

by PatientPoint

The TV industry faces significant challenges as union strikes delay and even cancel movies and scripted shows on primetime broadcast, cable and streaming platforms.  

The strike has caused a huge production halt, with hit shows like Stranger Things, Saturday Night Live and The Handmaid’s Tale all put on pause. As entertainment options dwindle and viewership levels decline, there are limitations behind the amount of money that can be shifted into live non-scripted programming such as news and sports. Rather, there are opportunities for advertisers to redirect some dollars into other channels.

Shifting Advertising Dollars 

Point of Care is an established channel that provides advertisers with the ability to reach, engage and impact health-focused patients highly receptive to brand messaging. Unlike TV viewership, traffic at the Point of Care remains steady, if not increasing in certain specialties. The latest PatientPoint analysis shows patient traffic increased in Q2 2023 compared to the previous two years, with Gastroenterology traffic 22% higher and Primary Care 12% higher than in 2019.1

Advertisers can take advantage of this stable audience at Point of Care to deliver consistent brand exposure without the worry of programming delays and cancellations from the TV industry. In addition, Point of Care offers a brand-safe environment to showcase messaging; running ads in Point of Care places a brand’s message next to messages from the doctor and credible health education proven to garner greater receptivity and action from patients. Already investing in Point of Care? There may be an opportunity to increase spending in this channel without hitting the point of diminishing returns.

Brands currently partnered with PatientPoint can reach out to their PatientPoint contact to gain insights into their campaign’s break-even point, optimize their investment and discover more opportunities that can help them achieve their desired return on investment.

With no end in sight to the TV strike, brands need to have a ‘Plan B’ to consider to enhance reach. Point of Care is a safe, effective choice that should be at the top of the list.

1. MedFuse data by DarkMatter2bd

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