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Behind the Content: #ConvinceMeToVax

by PatientPoint

We recently put our passion for content and competitive spirit to the test when we entered Medical Media & Marketing’s (MM&M) first-ever #ConvinceMetoVax creative competition. Launched during World Immunization Week, the contest challenged creators to design a new piece of content aimed at convincing the public to get vaccinated.

In just a week, we created and entered “Why Vaccinate,” an attention-grabbing segment for our digital waiting room screens. The powerful piece draws important parallels between vaccines and other vital safeguards such as seatbelts, sunscreen and parachutes.

We weren’t the only ones excited about our content: The MM&M staff selected “Why Vaccinate” as their Staff Pick out of nearly 100 submissions!

To learn more about the inspiration and creative process behind this award-winning segment (now live across our waiting room network), we sat down with Content Director Emily Cowie and Senior Art Director Clint Woods, the team that brought it to life.

Why Vaccinate? from PatientPoint on Vimeo.

Q: Why was it important for PatientPoint to enter the #ConvinceMeToVax contest?

Emily Cowie, Content Director:

As a content team, we have a responsibility to provide patients, families and providers with facts. When we saw this opportunity to address an issue that has been misconstrued with compelling creative, we felt strongly that we had to act.

Clint Woods, Senior Art Director:

This opportunity aligned so perfectly with our mission to provide approachable, action-oriented and aspirational content at key points along the healthcare journey.

Q: How did this concept come about? What did you like about it? 

Clint: We first thought about our own motivations for getting vaccinated or having a loved one vaccinated: We care about our own and our loved ones’ health and well-being. We then considered the innate yearning we have for adventure, coupled with our desire for safety and self-preservation.

This segment ties these emotional and practical concepts together, drawing a correlation between getting vaccinated and taking precautions like buckling a seatbelt or wearing a helmet. The segment makes a powerful statement that not getting vaccinated is like jumping out of a plane without a parachute: all of these measures are important to keep us safe and healthy.

Emily: This concept is so intertwined with our mission when we approach patients. We never want to ostracize; we never want to scare. We don’t want to ever feel like we’re attacking or calling anyone out. We want to provide patients and families with the information they need to make the most informed health decisions possible. This segment is such a great example of that approach.

Q: What emotions did you hope to evoke with the imagery, music and copy?

Clint: The music really serves as the backbone of the piece. From the very first drumbeat you’re sucked in, and that beat leads you through, helping to destabilize the fear. I’d been sitting on the music track for a couple of months waiting for the perfect opportunity to use it. When I heard about the competition, I knew this was the time to take that track and pair it with a percussive text animation strategy.

Emily: We want to drive patients to feel empowered to talk to their doctor, and we feel strongly that the way to do that is to inform—not to scare. My biggest reaction was to the music. When I heard it I was so amped, and I thought to myself if I wasn’t someone that cared about vaccines before, I would now! I got chills when I saw the segment.

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