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3 Ways DTx Companies Can Enhance Their Marketing Strategy

by PatientPoint

The excitement of bringing a new product to market is undeniable. However, it’s not without its challenges. Unlike the pharmaceutical industry, the digital therapeutics industry faces more obstacles from payers and a greater need to prove product value to patients and healthcare providers. A solid marketing strategy is key to reaching the right audience at the right time. Here are three tips to set you up for success.

1. Turn Doctors into Advocates 

Fifty five percent of patients still rely on their doctor for information about their symptoms, health education on their condition and, most importantly, what treatment option they should pick.1 Your company needs to focus on building relationships with doctors, educating them on the benefits of digital therapeutics and demonstrating how your product improves patient outcomes. Once doctors understand the value your products offer, they will be more likely to advocate and drive patients to use them.

2. Education Is Key 

Patients are more likely to trust products advertised in their doctor’s office—with 3 out of 5 patients believing that their doctor endorses the products.2 To elevate this trust, your company should provide informative materials, educational resources and product demonstrations that will help patients understand their condition and make more informed decisions. When patients feel properly informed, they are more receptive to asking their doctor to try a new treatment or product.

3. Advertise on Innovative Channels  

As you bring your product to market, understanding your target audience is crucial. For product adoption, your primary audience comprises patients, healthcare providers and caregivers, so it’s essential that you reach them in a trustworthy environment where they are receptive and ready to act—the doctor’s office. 

Advertising at the doctor’s office is a great way to ensure your company’s message reaches, providers and caregivers. While traditional advertising is a great start to your marketing strategy, include the doctor’s office to reach your audience when their health is top of mind, and they are actively looking for treatment options.

The Power of the Marketing Mix 

Determining your marketing mix requires a strategic approach that focuses on building trust, educating your target audience and using innovative channels. Keep in mind the three tips we shared and remember the strong impact advertising at the doctor’s office can have on your target audience.  

To continue learning about how messaging at the doctor’s office can benefit your company, download our whitepaper: Point of Care Takes Its Place At The Top.

1Patient Confidence Index 2023
2Surveys of more than 2,000 patients who visited physician offices installed with PatientPoint® Educate™, PatientPoint ® Communicate™ and/or PatientPoint ® Interact™ programs.

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