Point-of-Care Perspectives from PatientPoint

Put Your Health First for Men’s Health Month

by PatientPoint

Picture a group of men hanging out. Now think about their conversation. While sports, family and work are all likely topics, there’s one subject that probably won’t come up: health.

Men are notoriously stubborn when it comes to talking about health issues and going to the doctor. In fact, approximately 80% of men won’t go and see their doctor unless their partner convinces them to do so. June is Men’s Health Month, which is all about urging men to put their health first.

To shine a light on this important topic, we recently sat down with three organizations that aren’t afraid to talk men’s health: PatientPoint partners the Movember Foundation, Testicular Cancer Society and Us TOO International.

Read on to learn more about the important work each of these organizations are doing and why they’ve partnered with us to reach men and their loved ones at the point of care.

Men tend to put off seeking healthcare until there is a crisis. How is your organization working to change that, and how does your collaboration with PatientPoint help?

Mark Hedstrom, Movember Foundation:

Headshot of Mark Hedstrom of the Movember Foundation with the Movember Foundation logo.


Many men still have the idea that it’s not OK to talk about their health problems. We’re working to challenge this idea and encourage men to be proactive about their health. Our collaboration with PatientPoint helps us deliver those targeted messages while men (or their loved ones) are waiting to see their physician. It puts the subject at the front of their minds at exactly the right point in time.

Mike Craycraft, Testicular Cancer Society:

Headshot of Mike Craycraft of the Testicular Cancer Society with theTesticular Cancer Society logo.

By collaborating with PatientPoint we hope that our messaging about testicular cancer can help stimulate conversations between the patient and physician, providing a segue for a patient to talk about an issue they may be having.

Us TOO International:

Us too, prostate cancer. Support. Education. Advocacy.

Our collaboration with PatientPoint is important to let people know the facts about the disease. Prostate cancer is the second largest cancer killer of men following lung cancer. But if it’s detected early, prostate cancer is often curable and always treatable. Men need education and support to make informed decisions about all aspects of prostate cancer.

Why is it important for your organization to reach men or even their loved ones at the point of care?

Mark Hedstrom, Movember Foundation: Communicating information at the point of care about programs like Movember TrueNTH, which provides digital tools and resources to men who have undergone prostate cancer treatment, greatly increases the chances of men accessing this type of support that can improve their wellbeing and quality of life.

Mike Craycraft, Testicular Cancer Society: Our awareness messages can help stimulate conversations about testicular health in this highly influential area where doctors and nurses can address men and their loved ones’ questions and concerns. In this point-of-care setting these messages are also seen as more important and more legitimate than just seeing the message online.

Us TOO International: Men need to know that prostate cancer has no symptoms until the disease is advanced. Annual screenings are essential. Reaching men and their loved ones at the point of care helps break through the barrage of communication that’s targeting all of us every day. It’s important to deliver prostate cancer information when and where it’s most relevant.

If you could tell every man avoiding the doctor’s office one thing, what would you say?

Mark Hedstrom, Movember Foundation: Get to know what’s normal for your body and get help if something isn’t right. Have confidence to speak honestly and without embarrassment about any symptoms. Suffering in silence is never the answer.

Mike Craycraft, Testicular Cancer Society: Even if nothing is wrong, you will at least have peace of mind that knowing that everything is alright.

Us Too International: It’s not just about you. Your wellness and longevity affect everyone who loves you. If going to the doctor’s office to address a health issue or wellness check-up isn’t important to you, recognize that it’s important to your loved ones. Know that prostate cancer is the most common male-specific, non-skin cancer in the U.S. affecting one in nine men.

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