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Introducing the New PatientPoint.com!

by PatientPoint

You may have noticed things look a little different around here: We’ve just launched a new-and-improved PatientPoint.com! 

Our new website is a more powerful testament to our pioneering leadership in the Point of Care industry and our more than 30-year history of continued, meaningful innovation.  

While all of the same great content from the legacy PatientPoint.com site is still available, we’ve gone a level deeper to provide more in-depth product pages, customer perspectives and analysis so you can better understand the value that our technology can have for your office or brand.  

Here are six new or enhanced features we’re excited to deliver on the new-and-improved PatientPoint.com: 

1. Targeted content gets to the point.

On our new home page, simply select whether you’re a healthcare provider, brand & agency partner or local healthcare business to get the most relevant information on how PatientPoint solutions can benefit your business—whether that’s taking care of patients, marketing a therapy or increasing awareness of your business to your local community. 

2. First-hand perspectives leave pats on the back to our customers.  

We’ve loaded the new PatientPoint.com with first-hand accounts from our customers detailing how they are leveraging PatientPoint solutions to accomplish their unique business goals. 

3. Interactive navigation puts you in the driver’s seat. 

Use our new interactive product display featured throughout the site to explore the care settings and distinct touchpoints you’re interested in learning more about and see how our solutions can deliver value to your business. 

4. Detailed product pages help you take a deep dive. 

Our updated product pages include detailed information about the features and functionality of all of our products—from our patient engagement hub to our back-office communication program to digital marketing solutions—and everything in between. 

5. Expanded resource library offers fresh insights.  

As the 30-year pioneer and leader of Point of Care, we consider it our responsibility to deliver timely resources and thought leadership on our industry. With that in mind, we’ve kicked our resource library up a notch, adding filters to help you find case studies, research, videos, infographics and other content more quickly and easily. And we’re constantly adding more—so check back often! 

6. Always up-to-date news and analysis keeps you current.

Head to our newsroom to see our latest product, innovation and people news and our blog for additional analysis, insights and behind-the-scenes looks at how we’re making every doctor-patient engagement better.

We hope you enjoy your experience on the new PatientPoint.com—thanks for visiting!  

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