Point-of-Care Perspectives from PatientPoint

A Better Oncology Waiting Experience

by Kate Merz

Every waiting room— whether physical or virtual—has its own experience and requires different content depending on the specialty. This is especially true in the oncology waiting room, a space we’re privileged to reach with our content every day in practices across the country.

An important part of our oncology waiting room content strategy (as with all of our waiting room networks) is to talk to patients on a regular basis to learn more about their wait-time experience. By doing so, we ensure that we are delivering content that resonates to help make every doctor-patient engagement better.

Here are two important insights we took away from our recent deep dive into oncology:

Deliver content that comforts, inspires and distracts

Patients with cancer don’t want to be reminded of their diagnosis in the waiting room. Instead, they want to get their mind off of cancer and to feel better.

Content that gives patients something to smile about—think inspirational quotes, heartwarming video clips and beautiful imagery—can help inspire optimism and create a more positive experience for patients while they wait.

Two images with the headline "Less Education, More Diversion." The image on the left is portraying anatomy of the head; the image on the right features snowcapped mountains.

Keep it fresh

Whether a provider is running behind or a patient has arrived early, oncology patients and caregivers can spend extended time in a physical or virtual waiting room. In addition to the time they’re spending in the waiting room, oncology patients are coming in more frequently—in some cases several days a week—for treatment.

Both of these factors require a unique cycling and programming strategy to keep content fresh and up to date.

Armed with these rich insights, we’ve launched an all-new content approach for the oncology waiting room designed to inspire and elevate the patient experience.

We’ve introduced content channels featuring beautiful imagery, inspirational quotes, travel highlights, quizzes, happy kids, pets, headlines and practical tips to help patients smile away the stress and mentally prepare for their appointment.

Six different screens showcasing oncology waiting room content designed to inspire and help patients escape.

We’re also packing content deep on an hour-to-hour basis so that content is fresh for patients no matter how long they’re spending in the waiting room and no matter how often they find themselves there.

At PatientPoint, we firmly believe that healthcare content can and should be engaging. And in the oncology waiting room, engaging content looks like a custom blend of segments emphasizing positivity, beauty and helpful hints—all meant to help patients maintain a positive outlook and live their best lives.

Learn how PatientPoint content can engage patients in your waiting room.

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