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Checklist: Do You Have the Patient Engagement Tech Your Practice Needs?

by PatientPoint

Patient engagement technology is a must-have for every practice. At its core, patient engagement is about the moments that help patients connect with their healthcare team. These are the moments in the waiting and exam room, even at home, when patients trust their providers enough to ask questions about their health and follow their treatment plans.  

Increased patient engagement means improved patient-provider relationships, higher quality care, greater practice growth and better health outcomes due to informed decision-making.  

The following is a list of engagement technology your practice should already have or should be looking to add soon. 

Digital marketing platform 

Connecting with patients should begin before they step foot inside your office. Their first impression of your office may occur online, and it’s important to make it a good one. Use a digital marketing platform to keep accurate practice listings and advertise to ideal patients.  

Be sure to choose one that integrates with your practice management system so you can see which marketing tactics are helping you acquire new patients as well as the value of these patients and your ROI. 

Patient intake 

Streamline patient intake with a check-in kiosk, digital tablet or even a platform that sends patients a text or email to complete check-in prior to their appointment. These solutions are more convenient and efficient than pen and paper. Patients expect the same easy service that they get from other consumer services, and patient intake solutions allow them to complete paperwork from the comfort of their home or in the office with minimal lines. 

Waiting room screen 

By the end of 2022, patients were still waiting an average of 13.8 minutes in the waiting room.1 Make this time count with a waiting room screen that displays relevant health information and can become a marketing channel for your practice. Look for a platform that is customizable to your needs—whether you want to focus on patient education, your practice marketing messages or a healthy mix of both. 

Check out how wait times vary by specialty 

Exam room screen 

Patients spend a significant amount of time waiting in the exam room too. But with an exam room screen, patients can learn more about their health condition without a provider present. The provider can then incorporate this screen into the appointment, using 3D anatomicals to explain conditions and guiding patients to the patient portal and other practice resources.  

Email platform 

The right email platform improves communication with not only patients but also providers by automating communications. Follow up with patients after appointments to remind them to check their patient portal and inform team members about the latest practice initiatives. 

Back office screen 

The back office is another opportunity to engage providers with your practice initiatives, whether they be to perform certain screenings or increase assistance program sign-ups. And don’t forget to share wellness messages and shoutouts with your team to boost their satisfaction as well.  

Remote patient monitoring 

If you have high-risk/chronic patients, keep an eye on their health between appointments with a remote patient monitoring solution. Your team will be able to provide continuous care while getting paid for the phone calls and notes you already take. 

To learn more about how patients feel and what they want from their in-office appointments, check out our patient survey

1“During your most recent visit to your healthcare professional about how many minutes did you spend…?”  2021-2022 Nationwide Web Surveys of 11,198 respondents who visited physician offices installed with the PatientPoint  Communicate, Educate, and/or Interact Programs. Data as of 12/31/22  

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