Point-of-Care Perspectives from PatientPoint

Doctors’ Inside Takes on Healthcare Innovation

by Linda Ruschau

Innovation is everywhere in healthcare—don’t blink or you’ll miss the next “revolutionary” idea. But how can we as marketers ensure that we innovate and gain physician adoption?

Our recent keynote at Digital Pharma Innovation Week focused on this very question. At PatientPoint, we have the privilege of partnering with 140,000 healthcare providers on our technology solutions—so it is critical that we innovate to meet their needs. We shared firsthand physician perspectives on rapid innovation in healthcare, what works (and what doesn’t!) and how pharma can be a valuable partner in patient education and engagement.

In case you missed it, here are four key takeaways (or watch the full keynote here):

1. Innovate with physician and patient needs top of mind.

Innovate around an unmet need. Think about your own personal experiences as a patient and how your professional discussions with physicians have gone—where have they been lacking? How can you help make physicians more productive or help them fix a broken or sub-optimal process?

2. Technology must be relevant, personalized, and easy.

Personalization is the key word here. We all want to feel as if something was made for us, and doctors are no different. Patient engagement technology should feel intuitive yet informative—but not take up too much time. Winning solutions empower patients to take charge of their healthcare while offering physicians the tools and information that can help them provide better care.

3. The right solution pays off.

In a PatientPoint-Sermo physician survey1, more than 80% of physicians said digital patient engagement tools help them more easily inform patients about their condition and treatment options. Nearly three-quarters of physician respondents said these tools help them improve patients’ medication adherence. By doing it right, will get you the usage you need for success.

4. Pharma plays a vital role.

Physicians see pharma as a valuable component of patient engagement technology. They see industry content as helpful in delivering a better patient experience. And they’re expanding their use of these tools, implementing strategies such as interactive screens in the breakroom featuring education and complementary industry messaging to keep clinicians and staff up to date.

It’s our job as healthcare marketers to find innovative ways to provide physicians with valuable information they need in a way that integrates with their workflow and helps them accomplish their goals of delivering superior service and better outcomes. When patient engagement technology is developed with physician needs in mind, we drive value for all.

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1Education at the Point of Care; Sermo Real Time / Digital Health Collation Fielded: Nov 8, 2019​

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