Point-of-Care Perspectives from PatientPoint

Making Every Doctor-Patient Engagement Better—at ALL Points of Care

by PatientPoint

Point of Care Anywhere™ brings our best-in-industry patient education and engagement to virtual health.

COVID-19 has turned our sense of “place” on its head: Kitchen tables have become offices, living rooms have become classrooms and just about anywhere has become a doctor’s office.

No matter where patients are seeing their doctors these days, we’re committed at PatientPoint to making every doctor-patient engagement better at all points of care, including virtual health.

It’s with that in mind that we recently launched PatientPoint® Point of Care Anywhere™, which brings our best-in-industry patient education and engagement to virtual health via leading telehealth and remote patient management platforms.

Here are three ways Point of Care Anywhere™ will elevate the virtual health experience:

Bridges the Experience Gap

Whether a doctor and a patient are interacting in person, via video chat or through secure text messaging, every visit should include the same hyper-targeted condition education, treatment information and interactive tools.

Point of Care Anywhere™ closes the experience gap, bringing the same in-office education and interactive environment to the virtual health space.

Meets Doctors and Patients Where They Are

As of June 2020, there were more than 260 telehealth providers on the market. Rather than becoming the 261st telehealth provider, we’re sticking to what we do best with Point of Care Anywhere™, integrating our award-winning content and engagement tools into the platforms that we know that doctors are already using.

Instead of asking doctors to come up with a new behavior or change an existing one, we’re meeting them and their patients where they already are to support—not disrupt—their conversations.

Offers End-to-End Education and Engagement

Just like with our in-office solutions, Point of Care Anywhere™ provides that end-to-end, 360-degree solution for virtual health—which is so much more than just telehealth. As we designed our virtual health platform, we took special care to account for all virtual health touchpoints, including telehealth and remote patient care management.

While nothing will ever replace the power of an in-person doctor visit, at PatientPoint we’re committed to doing everything we can to create the same experience at all places where care is delivered—whether in person or virtual.

Point of Care Anywhere™ makes good on our mantra of making every doctor-patient engagement better at all points of care.

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