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How Patient Education on Waiting Room TVs Can Help with Vaccine Hesitancy

by PatientPoint

Featuring patient education from a highly trusted source can help instill vaccine confidence for patients while they wait.

While many Americans plan to get the COVID-19 vaccine, more than a third say they may forego their shots once it’s their turn, according to a recent survey. This hesitancy—particularly high among Black Americans and women—largely stems from a lack of trust in the vaccine’s safety and effectiveness.

Healthcare practices, hospitals and health systems can play a critical role in alleviating this hesitancy by offering patient education that can reassure patients about the COVID-19 vaccine. Wait times and specifically waiting room TVs present a prime opportunity to engage patients with trusted, impactful patient education while they are already thinking about their health.

Here are three ways patient education on waiting room TVs can help healthcare facilities reassure patients about the COVID-19 vaccine:

Trusted Source, Trusted Message

Americans trust COVID-19 vaccine information from healthcare professionals (HCPs) more than any other source, according to a recent survey. In the same survey, nearly 90% of respondents said that they specifically wanted to hear about the COVID-19 vaccine from their HCP.

Given this high level of patient trust in HCPs, healthcare practices, hospitals and health systems can give deliver information about the COVID-19 vaccine as soon as patients enter the waiting room. With waiting room TVs, facilities can feature credible patient education emphasizing the benefits and safety of the COVID-19 vaccine. Patient education on waiting room TVs is also turnkey and continually updated, helping healthcare facilities keep patients up to date on the latest vaccine information.

Seeing is Believing

We’ve all heard the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words.” The adage applies here more than ever. Considering that the human brain processes images 60,000x faster than text, the power of visuals to communicate important COVID-19 vaccine messaging cannot be understated.

For the past year, patients have been bombarded with ever-changing and often conflicting information about COVID-19. By offering highly visual digital content on waiting room TVs, healthcare facilities can help explain why the vaccine is important and how it works in a memorable way that will break through the noise.

Give Them Something to Talk About

In our latest patient survey, nearly 90 percent of patients say they are spending some time in the waiting room, with an average wait time of 11 minutes. By showcasing the latest information about the COVID vaccine on waiting room TVs, healthcare facilities can set the tone for a productive conversation in the exam room. In addition, HCPs can reinforce what patients have seen and discuss questions patients may have about the vaccine. Patient-provider dialogue on the COVID-19 vaccine is critical and can challenge assumptions patients may have that may be holding them back from receiving it.

PatientPoint Can Help

Ready to offer patient education on waiting room TVs in your facility to facilitate better patient engagement on the COVID-19 vaccine? Contact us to learn more about how we can help you educate and engage your patients during COVID-19 and beyond.

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